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Would you rather see average-looking people in the media than the super attractive?

Asked by Facade (22922points) May 5th, 2010

Why or why not?

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I don’t know of any super attractive people in the media if you are referring to the news. Except I think that Dan Abrams is exceptionally handsome. I really don’t care one way or the other as long as the person looks “normal”.
What I mean is, nothing distracting going on. There was a local reporter a couple years ago who wore her hair in a stupid zig-zag part and I never heard a word she said. The part drew all my attention. I think a reporter should look professional, not faddish.

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Yes, I would. It makes me feel like what I am seeing is more real.

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I prefer eye-candy. I see ordinary people all the time.

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Super attractive please, well it works on a shallow level & also i’d feel right at home.

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I completely agree with @wundayatta.

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Hot dudes? Sure!
Hot ladies? Meh.

I like looking at good-looking men! ;D

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I would like to see talented people in the media. Attractiveness is sometimes complementary to talent (like acting, dancing, newscasting) but not always (singing, playing an instrument, comedy).

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i guess. it doesnt really matter as i dont pay attention to it much but i do appreciate a movie where the plot and story are what makes it good instead of there being a hot actor or actress in it. i was just talking about this the other day with my boyfriend, it’s why i like Pulp Fiction so much. Everyone is really just average looking people even though they’re all fantastic actors and actresses so their looks don’t take over the movie.

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Anybody can read a teleprompter and may as well be someone HHOTT!! ;)

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Hot and talented

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“Average-looking people” is subjective.

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“Attractive” is a relative term. I am interpreting your use of ‘media’ to mean pretty much any public figure, based on your tags… and I would even add politicians to that list.

I would like to see more natural variety, and for public figures to be less modified and homogenized via hair dyes/styles and makeup in video format, or via PhotoShop/Airbrush in print media – in addition to plastic surgery, dental work, and skin bleaching/tanning. Too ‘perfect’ looks fake and even creepy to me at times.

I am also saddened when I see how ridiculously anorexic some of these people appear to be – especially women – with sunken cheekbones and clothes barely hanging on them… I see this with actors and news/sportscasters as well as models. It’s unhealthy on many levels.

It would be wonderful if we were able to just be who we are, and embrace our unique qualities rather than feeling we have to blend in or follow trends in order to be ‘likeable’.

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@Facade: Thanks! I’d like to follow you on Facebook, but I forget your name. I’m Kat Hearkat, if you want to befriend me. :-)

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I prefer distinguished looking men and well put together women. Beauty queens are out. Even if newscasters are only reading the prompters a foxed up woman has lower cred with me.
Nobody beats Walter Cronkite.

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Yeah, I think that really attractive people put a lot of pressure on young people. It really isn’t fair. Not everyone has the money to hire personal trainers to look this amazing, or stylists, make up artists – not to mention plastic surgery.

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I like a nice mix. Eye candy is nice, but if you don’t toss a couple fuglies in there every once in a while, you don’t appreciate the pretty as much. Steve Buscemi and Clint Howard are blessings in disguise.

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Whats average? some average people to one person, may be supper hot to another.

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Either category would work just fine for me just as long as there was some journalistic integrity and truth in reporting which are things definitely lacking in today’s mainstream media.

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To me it kinda seems like the people you think are super attractive in media are actually average, just under good lighting, in well fitted clothes, filmed from flattering vantage points, with a ton of make-up.

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Television is there as candy for my eyes. I would prefer that I see pretty people because seeing ordinary people would be no more fun than walking down the street.

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99.9% of the people we see on television and in magazines are average looking people with above average make up artist, stylist and photographers at their disposal.

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