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Why does girls always stare at the guys they like and when they look back they look away?

Asked by TogoldorMandar (539points) May 5th, 2010

My best friend is a girl and she has fallen for a guy. Now she keeps staring at him during school. But when the guy looks over she looks away the moment the have eye contact. What does this mean? Is she ashamed? I cant figure it out myself.

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She’s being shy. It’s normal.

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It’s the sparkle. It can make you immortal.

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because you dont want to be locked into a stare with someone you dont barely know. it would be super awkward.

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Because they want them to know they’re interested but they want to look shy so men don’t think thy’re whores.

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She’s letting him know she’s interested but that she’s no pushover,clever see.

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She is flirting with him. Pretending to be shy

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Because we “girls” get shy…. Its normal like what @bob_ said I agree!

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An awkward flirt.

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It is a flirting behaviour. Outright staring would seem to seen as being very forward and many women are like that.

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Because what if I’m looking at him and he can tell I think he’s cute but he doesn’t think I’m cute, and he can tell I’m looking at him, but he’s thinking “Ugh, why is this ugly girl looking at me? Eww!” OMG, I’m ugly! Stop looking at him and then he won’t see and then I won’t be embarrassed!

That’s what’s going on. Sorted.

Because once upon a time, I was an insecure 14-year-old girl.

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Shes has a crush and shes shy about it.
Its just like middle school.

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Is there anyway i can help her or should i mind my own business?

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Well try and hook her up with him

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I don’t like the guy she likes. But ill do almost everything for my friends so ill try to hook her up. Do i need her permission to this?

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Like everyone said, she’s shy/self-conscious. When I think a guy is cute, I usually hold the eye contact for a couple seconds before looking away. Not too long, or it just gets weird…

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Somewhere I heard that the behavior is for her to look away (or down) and then look back at the male and that this is a cross-cultural signal. I cannot attest to the veracity of this though.

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Because us girls get really shy and don’t want you guys to notice that we were staring at you!
I do it too:D

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Tell your friend to stop wasting time and “get with him”.

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no one wants to appear easy, accept me!,

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I believe in the direct approch. stop wasting time.

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if you know she likes him and you have a legitimate reason for disliking him that could potentially hurt her in the future if she gets with him, maybe you should mention it to her..

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She’s shy, I think she’s just taking it all in. ;)

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@excreto lol….and she is obviously shy

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I still do this. Even with my husband, whom I’ve known for over twenty years.
Sometimes he is so beautiful he is brighter than the sun to me.
I have to look away when he looks back, because I feel how the bug must feel, when tortured by a mean kid with a magnifying glass.
I look away because I feel somehow, his beauty would sear my soul.

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