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How many square feet of velour fit in a 20-bushel hamper? (Theatre folk)

Asked by grumpyfish (6630points) May 5th, 2010

I’m trying to estimate storage requirements, and can’t really find a good number on this.

From what I remember, you can probably fit 800 square feet of good heavy velour in a 20-bushel hamper (those are the normal sized ones).

However, just wondering if anyone has any good numbers/experience on this?

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Well, if a 20-bushel hamper is 48×32x30 (length, width, height) then the volume in inches in 46,080. You will have to measure the size of the velour to see if it can fit into the box. Or, if you have both the hamper & velour, just stuff it in & see if it fits. If not, have a bunch of kids jump on the lid, like it’s an airport luggage suitcase.

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It depends on how you are putting it in. If you fold it up in 48×30 inch squares, you will get a lot more in than if you stuff it.

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