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What's the decor like at your pad?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 5th, 2010

When you walk into your place, what do you see?

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Cozy comfy and never been cleaner as we have the house on the market to sell. Very casual and lots of pillows to crash out on! The basement is pure rock and roll with wall to wall music gear.

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My place is along the water. St. Clair River to be exact. It has a good sized balcony where I keep my hibiscus, and angel wings. A cushy brown leather sofa/chair. I have vintage decor (paintings, accessories), my kitchen has lots of red and brown with tons of chrome, and I have lots of paintings/artwork in there (Old Mexican movie poster prints, a “Keep Calm Carry On” framed print, a framed picture of my Mom and her girlfriend from back in the early 50’s). Lots of nude paintings in my place and original drawings by my artists and friends. I recently got my mitts on a Victrola, and I have my plasma over top of a fireplace, a pillowtop Queen mattress/bed, a white leather headboard/footboard and a glass side table and dresser. A green Tom Yorke print with white frame in my bedroom and a blown up print of Tokyo at night with beautiful lights on canvas.

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Well, it’s all kind of a cool, bluey white and icey and round. It’s small and freezing but I call it home.

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“Decor” is wayyyyy too highfalutiin’ a word to use for my ‘decor’ (so to speak).

The first thing I see when I walk into my house (the kitchen) is several pairs of ‘other’ shoes that I could have worn today (about 4, maybe 5 pairs). Then there’s the sinkful of (usually) dirty dishes (or the drain rack filled with clean ones), and the old refrigerator parked next to the door, and which I haven’t yet disposed of.

If we don’t count the dust on the ceiling fan (or the ceiling fan itself), then that’s about it.

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Open, hard to heat, lots of water views (see? hard to heat), everything is pale blue or blue-green, with some off-red
accents, and some cream. Blonde wood furniture, a pine floor, large paintings either landscape or geometric, some wooden wall sculpture, a big dining table made of alder by my husband, some really beautiful Windsor chairs painted cream which are the only furniture bought new. A couple of small banana trees, some other potted plants including all the tomato plants it’s still too freaking cold to put outside, though I thought they said it was May. TV is hidden in a corner, cozy and keeps the place looking tidy. No rugs. Kitchen is all wide open, lots of windows, dishes and pots are all stored on open shelves, floor is dark blue, ceiling is blue, and we have an old oak icebox at the end which wouldn’t hold water any more so it holds light bulbs, shoe polish, and booze. Bedrooms are tiny. One is very pale green and white; one is dark green and pine-colored with pine bookshelves everywhere except where the windows are. Bathroom is white and blue, like a Greek village.

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<<squeezes/hugs penguin’s neck>>

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Well, right now my “pad” is a dorm room that is gradually being cleared out for the summer. Before the great room clearing though, you’d find that my roommate and I have decorated our room with things that represent who we are.

On my half of the room on my shelf is a collection of antique German beer steins, a 1960’s Soviet officer’s hat, a bust of Theodore Roosevelt, a 1920’s Cutty Sark whisky crate (which I use as a bookshelf where I store most of my outdoors, survival, and military history books), my fiddle, and a 1940’s platoon mess kit. On the wall hangs a map of the Middle East, some antique photographs of Rough Riders, Edwardian dandies, and average people. On the adjacent wall is an original poster from the 1939 World’s fair, my 1915 British pith helmet, my Indiana Jones slouch hat, and some posters describing weapons of the American Civil War. My bed is lofted by the window and my WWI British doughboy helmet and a gas mask hang on the side. Underneath my bed is where my desk is (well… was) and that’s where I display the rest of my books (that aren’t at home or in a trunk I have yet to describe). I also have my collection of vintage cameras on my desk: two Brownie Hawkeyes with flashes, a Kodak model 35, and a 1920’s Kodak Scout. This is also where I keep my art supplies and art works in progress, including a large papier mache’ skull I made in honor of the Day of the Dead last November. Then there’s my closet, which is pretty boring.

My roommate’s half of the room is decked out with plastic models, a sculpture made out of empty shell casings from our last shooting excursion, a whole bunch of movie posters, a large speaker system, a huge antique glass milk jug from a ship, a large collection of hats that rivals my own and an antique coat rack where we stash our coats and other hats. His side of the room is also where we store our camping/adventuring gear which includes two large first aid kits (which have been used several times to treat injured drunks we have found on campus), camping knives, rope, fire-starting gear, cooking gear, hiking and climbing stuff, and our boots.

We kick ass.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard we definitely need to get hitched.

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A kind person would say eclectic.

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Our house was built in 1930, so we’ve tried to stay true to the traditional character, to a point. The house is mostly shades of blue and green, with cream baseboards and trim, but most of our furniture is modern from IKEA (hooray for no money~). There are several pictures and sculptures of the Eiffel Tower (I teach French), and there’s a thin layer of dog-hair on everything. We have three full floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and are probably looking at our fourth.
The dining room is a reddish fucshia color, and I’ve stuck a ridiculous bejeweled decal of a chandelier on the wall, directly behind the real chandelier, just because it makes me laugh.
My husband’s music room is upstairs, lime green and teal (he picked the colors out all by himself) and filled with guitars, basses, a keyboard, an old electric organ, amps, and a drum kit he got on craigslist this week). Those are the most interesting rooms in the house.

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Hard wood floor,music gear and a bed. But what else do you really need.

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@jjmah, I am patiently waiting ;-)

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Just bought the place a few weeks back but getting there, I’ll just post some pics in a few weeks when I’m happy with the place.

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Mostly horror movie paraphernalia. I got plenty of framed movie posters in my living room and hallway, horror movie models and figures, mostly Michael Myers, but I have some Jasons, Thomas Hewitts, two Chucky dolls, one big, one small, and several random zombies and zombie reenactments from famous zombie flicks, and then my shelves fulla horror movies and video games haha.
Also I got skull shaped lanterns over my living room window which also includes a Corpse Bride window paint painting I made on it it, (Scraps the dog is on the balcony door window.) and a bunch of Halloween crap hanging around everywhere that I always buy in bulk at drug and dollar stores after Halloween. Plastic glow in the dark skeletons, plastic pumpkins, cheap wall scrolls and plenty of porcelain skulls and creepy candle holders.
That’s my living room anyway, complete with a square TV that’s like six years old, and also a surround sound system, and PS2 and Gamecube. All my electronics are silver coloured, except my DS which is pink, so it adds a bit of a modern flair to my place amidst all the eighties movie crap that litters my place, and assorted pseudo goth gettup haha.
I also have baby demons, some movie weapon replicas, Conan dagger and William Wallace’s claymore, which was being sold at like 70% off so I totally got it.

It feels nice and cozy to me anyways, but I’ve no idea how anyone else would feel, aside from my friends who think it’s ’‘neat’’ even though they think I need to get a life. But all this shit is stuff I picked up over the span of six years, and I don’t really notice how it ’‘amasses’’ all over the place. :/

Most of my books are in the hallway. They were in the living room before but I needed to make space for movies lol. Those are mostly horror, too. Magazines are there too, although they usually lie around all over the place for some reason.

Some of my horror stuff is in the kitchen too, since I thought it needed decorating. Huge Michal Myers figurine right on top of the fan over the stove, and the big fancy shelf for china is filled with creepy beer mugs and wine glasses with skull and dragon designs and shit that I buy occasionally.

I just need something for my bathroom now, instead of all those wussy seahorse and fish decorations that I always end up getting as presents for birthdays and Xmas.

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@Symbeline, that’s what my mom’s house looks like, only she has about $500,000 worth of Disney memorabilia.

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I don’t think a word has been invented for the decor of our home. I guess you’d call it “mish mosh.” When you walk in the front door, you’re usually greeted by child-sized sneakers and a row of backpacks next to an old rug over some tiles that were probably popular in 1950. From there, you can go into the living room and be pleasantly surprised by the decent furniture and paintings on the walls. This is mainly due to my husband’s business, where he meets designers (and even homeowners) who have given him things we’d never buy ourselves over the years. The paintings were either done by my husband or artists we know. Lots of family pictures on the fireplace mantle, three huge bookcases completely full of books, and an old piano that none of us can play.

Then, there’s the kitchen, with a dining table that looks like it’s been through several world wars. The finish is almost worn off the top, and it is scarred from years of being the center of kiddie craft projects. It has paint and marker splotches that won’t come off, and the chairs have certainly seen better days. We have a much nicer table and chairs in storage, but we’ve saving it for when the kids are older! The rest of the kitchen probably looks the way it did in 1950 when it was built, with white cabinets, a funky laminated counter with a metal edge, and worn hardwood floors. Lots of papers and junk mail on one section of the counter, and the fridge is covered with drawings, school calendars and menus, and photos.

Overall, I suppose our house gives the impression of people too busy to really care about anything other than being comfortable and functional, and who give their children a bit too much free-reign with art supplies.

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Lots of maroon. Leather couches, an enormous TV, a piano in the corner, the oak kitchen and dining tables and chairs. My room, which I love, is painted red, contains my red blanket, and nearly all of my belongings. The walls are plastered with my art, and my floor is covered with homework yet to be done.

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Mishmash. But I like it.

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Right now it’s Craftsman and Mission but when bf and I set up our place then it will be antique Deco spanning 1930’s- 50’s. I’ll sneak a bit of high Deco into the bedroom though ;)

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All my rooms are full of shelves and tables, and on them are the crafts, candles, flower arrangements, paperwork, books, toys, and other paraphernalia of daily living, stacked everywhere. There is a TV on one of the shelves, across from two recliners, and three easy chairs on wheels.

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I see very retro decor… My parents built our house in 1987 and designed most of the inside themselves along with the help of my grandfather. Lots of track lighting and two old chandeliers that are like.. this burnt yellow/orange color that match the curtains in our family room. Brown textured carpet except for the white/sand color carpet in the living room and dining room area. The backsplash in the kitchen on the wall behind the sink has these little tiles with Rose’s Tea on them. It’s kind of cute… LOL. Blocked floral linoleum on the floor…. It’s fascinating. We are actually in the middle of redecorating. We’re having all hardwood floors put in (except for the family room and bedrooms), and the downstairs is being painted. I’m excited.

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Our farmhouse was built in 1900 and houses wonderful antique furniture for the most part, 2 very old Tiffany lamps, several kerosene lamps, and decor from family as far back as 1880. The kitchen is solid cherry and cost 3 times what the house and 20 acres did. Since one family member is an Amazon parrot, we have 2 cages in the mix.

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Simple and quite traditional. I very old lady lived here before I did and I haven’t redecorated since moving in (not that it needs redecoration for the most part).

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Very ethnic and colorful.

A mix of asian, indian and modern, Pier One black teak furniture, bombay mirrors, persian wool Odabashian 9×11 area rug, ( weighs like 200 lbs. haha, it’s a body disposal rug for sure, lol )
Huge abstract modern painting on metallic bronze walls I just painted a few months ago, carved and paper Shinto screens, bamboo runners, and my pride and joy..a huge, authentic temple gong. BRUUUUUUUUUNG! lol

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@Coloma I applied for a job at Pier One once because I liked their stuff

Can I come shack up at your place?

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We’ll bake some brownies. lol

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I’ll bring the slurpees. Or am I not invited lalwzErz XD

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Of course you’re invited, make mine a cherry please. ;-)

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