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Question about Netflix & how the rental service works for certain items.

Asked by rpm_pseud0name (8203points) May 5th, 2010

I’m considering using Netflix, I have a very simple question about Netflix rentals… I know they do the 1, 2, or 3 discs out at a time, each with varying prices. What if I want to rent a tv show season dvd? For example- Friends Season 1, is 4 discs. If I sign up for the 1 disc at a time plan, would this mean I can only rent out 1 disc at a time from that season? Or would the entire first season be considered a 1 item/1 disc rental? I don’t want to have to wait for each disc to be sent back & forth, making it take over a week to watch one season of a show. -Thanks.

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Nope, one disc is one disc. Its lame, because the seasons usually work out to like.. about 4 episodes per disc. I wish they’d send you 5 discs in the place of one! <3

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Each disc is its own disc and its own rental. For example, you can add “Friends: Season 1, Disc 1” to your queue, then add “Friends: Season 1, Disc 2” etc, and they’ll send each one as soon as they get the last one back.

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Damn. That’s the answer I wasn’t hoping for. Thanks for answering. Looks like I will wait until I have a longer list of movies I want to see, before signing up for Netflix.

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However, the discs mail priority mail ;) If that makes you feel any better

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TV seasons are the same way at Blockbuster and it’s completely irritating.

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I’ve been a Netflix customer for eight years, and I love it. It is one of the very few businesses I know that do exactly what they say they’ll do, and do it very well. I don’t watch TV, but I do rent a few TV shows from them once they come out on DVD, and I don’t have any problem with having each of several discs count as one. It’s still more hours on a disc than you get when you rent one movie.

If you sign up and then want to stop using the service for a while, you can suspend your account. That’s what my son did when he came home from school for the summer. He had a one-disc account. We have four, recently down from five.

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The cool thing about netflix is so many prior TVseasons are on Watch Instantly. I got completely caught up on Lost that way.

That and the fact you can have up to 5 devices per account, so people can watch different things at the same time.

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Like @netgrrl I make great use of the instant viewing feature which is free and unlimited as long as you rent one physical disc a month.

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I agree with @Jeruba, I love Netflix. I ordered the Wii disk (free) and I am able to watch movies instantly on my TV (so I only do the one at a time thing for new releases) and watch anything else I want on the computer or on the TV. To do the Wii thing, you need to have a wireless router, but otherwise it is easy.

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thanks, now you all made me join Netflix lol

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I agree with anyone who mentioned the Instant Queue as being awesome. The watch instantly selection is large enough and Netflix’s suggestion engine is good enough that once you rate a bunch of stuff, you’ll basically never run out of things that you can watch instantly and enjoy.

While I kind of agree it is lame that they only send one disc at a time, they do try to smooth the process via instant viewing and they tell you if something is soon to be added to the instant queue.

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@Kayak8: That feature made me want a Wii for the first time ever!!! I never had any interest in them before!

@EmpressPixie: I have definitely run out of things to watch on Instant Watch on many occasions, and I don’t even watch that much TV/movies. I guess I’m pretty picky about my entertainment though.

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I just joined a couple weeks ago and it ROCKS. I just went with the $9 a month plan (one out at a time), basically I can have a new DVD every 2 to 3 days, but I’ve found about 3 times as many items to put in my instant queue (which I can watch through my Wii or my Blu Ray player) as I did for DVDs, including a ton of entire seasons of TV shows so I didn’t have to rent them. I don’t like the one disc at a time for TV shows either, but it’s just like Blockbuster, and I guess it makes sense, I mean your typical movie is 90 – 120 minutes long, where a typical multi disc set of a full season of a TV show is close to 3 hours. What really sucks though is when you have a show that runs like 13 episodes a season, discs 1 – 3 have 4 episodes and disc 4 has 1 episode. But you know what? Even if all you did was got TV seasons, you would still probably be able to get through at minimum 2 full seasons of TV shows each month, plus all the instant content you wanted, still seems worth the $9 a month to me.

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What I love is that I can plug the laptop into my TV with an HDMI cable and watch the instant content on TV. I just joined yesterday, and I plan to watch a movie in a little bit :D

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@poofandmook: Really? I need one of those cables! Does it work even with old TVs?

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@La_chica_gomela, I would say no, to the old TV’s. Since, HDMI is for High Definition sound & video. So if it’s an old TV, I’m guessing it doesn’t support HD. But you can buy audio/video cables (red/yellow/white) that you can plug from the computer to the TV’s audio/video ports, as if you were plugging in a VCR, almost every TV has the standard red/yellow/white cable ports built into them.

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@rpmpseudonym: But how do I plug the red,white,yellow cable into the computer?

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@La_chica_gomela The cable is called a svideo cable. One end (the one that goes into the computer) is a singular end, round, with a few pins. That cable plugs into computer. The cable then splits at the end, splitting into the three colored plugs, which plug into the TV. Now this will only transmit video. You will need a simple audio cable to plug into the audio port on the computer & onto the tv. Here is a picture of it.. hopefully it works.

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