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How long is the season for a single green bean plant?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) May 5th, 2010

Today was the first day i harvested some greenbeans for my early contender bush bean plants. My question is… should i expect more means from the plant throughout the summer… or will the plant die after the beans and harvested. Will i have multiple harvests from each plant or just one harvest?

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I have not grown that variety but I use to pick bush peas and beans until late summer. Just keep pickin’ and enjoy fresh veggies.

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As long as you keep picking the green beans, they should produce for most of the summer. If you let the bean pod ripen and dry, they will stop producing.

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My bean package says I should keep planting them in sequence throughout the summer. Maybe my bean packager is gunning for increased sales?

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They do that. The first beans are usually the best from each plant. Or maybe they hybridized them so much that they no longer produce all summer.

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Summer in Alberta is pretty short so I’m able to pick all summer from the same bushes. I plant a purple bean that cooks green. It produces and produces!

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They should keep producing until first frost, so it depends entirely on your growing season. Here in New Hampshire, the season usually runs until late September.

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We plant a few rows before the last frost, under water-filled cloches. Once the bushes start producing, they will continue until first frost, although first pickings are usually best. We try to protect our last plantings from early frost under plastic, and sometimes succeed.

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