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How does an ebay store work?

Asked by polycinco (187points) May 5th, 2010

I have an account on ebay were I sell stuff and also buy, for every item that I list I have to pay does anyone know if when I sign up to have a store do I have to pay only the 15 dollars each month or do I have to pay any extra fees for listing my items and other things?


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You pay extra fees – the monthly fee gives some small benefits but does not cover fees.

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I’m a Yahoo! Store developer and participate in an active forum of Yahoo! Store owners. Here’s a recent discussion thread including posts from several members who own eBay stores as well as Yahoo! ones.

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1. make an account.
2. add an item for sale or buy an item
3. Try to win an auction or sell nyour item.

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you might want to check it out for yourself here: I currently have a store and I’m not sure I need one.

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Item there are open for auction highest bidder won the items but there are also items with fixed prices that’s how it woprks when you’re the buyer if you’re the seller you can choose to sell your items in open auction or with a fixed price too. Payments can be settled through bank transfer,money transfer but the best is through paypal.

here’s another store you can buy stuffs for business gift or occasional gifts can be ordered personalized, bulk at very cheap price.

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This will tell you all you need to know and will help you decied if you need a store: an now I do think I needed one.

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