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Where can I find and buy an Apple II in my area?

Asked by derektherock42 (191points) May 5th, 2010

I live in the Chicagoland area, and I’m really itching to buy an Apple II, and maybe a Commodore 64, a Macintosh, etc. Does anybody know about cool little independent electronics shops in this area? A 70’s or 80’s style place that carries vintage computers?

I understand that I can go on Ebay and maybe find a decent Apple II, Commodore, et al. But I really want to have a real, physical shop for geeks like me who like collecting electronics. Does anybody know of a place like this?

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Try the op-shops (Charity stores) old Apples are pretty valueless and often thrown out or donated. Check the yard and garage sales.

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You can sometimes find things on Craigslist, too. Gamefellas in Austin, TX used to have some C64s and stuff. Not really helpful to you, true, but I think a store full of old computers isn’t really financially viable these days.

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What you want is this.

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If you feel like recreating Wargames in your bedroom you can also go here and get you an IMSAI. They also make IMSAI cases for your PC to give you an old ancient-school look.

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