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Fruit Flies?

Asked by newanda411 (72points) March 13th, 2008

Where do they come from?!

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See, when a guy fruit fly decides he likes a girl fruit fly… well, you get the picture. Basically other fruit flys. :)

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If I don’t dump my compost outside every day, there the little buggers are…

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A good way to get rid of them in the kitchen is to put out a shallow bowl (or a jar lid works great) fill it to the brim with oil and vinegar and they are attracted and then get stuck. You have to fill it to the brim though or they just hang out on the edge and don’t fall in…...

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Just don’t mistake the flies (which are really small and black) for ground pepper and use the mixture for salad.

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It’s the oil that is unnecessary. Red wine, red vinegar, fly paper, and some other ideas plus scrupulous cleanliness and fruit under cover or in refrig.

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