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If a brain transplant were feasible, would you be one of the pioneer patients?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20841points) May 5th, 2010

For what reasons would you possibly want your brain replaced? Are you perfectly satisfied with its functioning and with your state of mind? Are mistakes and failures all part of the mind? Would it be good if some people were able to get new grey matter?

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Me? No. I want a body replacement.

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So in this hypothetical situation, I would also lose my memory, correct? Then my answer would be no.

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I would never want my brain replaced. No no no no no no.

One word: Memories.

Do I think it would be a good thing if people could have new brains? Maybe. I can see it being of medical use in extreme cases… severe brain damage, terminal comas, debilitating mental disorder. But a new brain also means a new mind and, well, one’s mind is a terrible thing for an individual to lose.

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Only on two conditions. I had severe alzhiemers and there is no cure in site, and two they already captured my memories before I got ill and they can transfer it back into the new brain and wipe out its memories as well.

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No thanks. I wouldn’t any longer be. Some other entity, some other awareness unit, would have taken over my body. Noe if you could install a supercharger and a few extra terabytes of memory,, sign me up.

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I would like @Jeruba‘s body, if it’s available.

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You want my brain? Take it. And good riddance! It causes no end of trouble! I think I’d like a dog brain. They seem to have a comfortable life—at least, the ones that trained their masters properly.

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I agree @Pandora, it would only even be useful if I had my memories…but wait, technically wouldn’t you just be getting a body transplant? since “you” is mostly your brain right, you will just be going where your brain goes…

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My brain is up for grabs when I no longer need it.

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I want Jeruba’s brain, and Cate’s body.

Uh, waitaminit…

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I would be willing to have my brain transplanted into a younger, healthier body.
I would prefer it to be a male body because my brain is accustomed to such an environment.

I would love to have an intimate connection to @Jeruba‘s brain because she uses it so well and her brain brings pleasure to my brain. From what I can tell @Jeruba is an extraordinary person, even if she looks nothing like Cate.

I have a serious fluther crush on @Jeruba and a few other remarkable people here.

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@Dr_Lawrence I’d take your brain for a while and try it on for size. That sounds so… Hannibal Lecter. I also have a flush (fluther crush) on Jeruba, which is a secret I’m sure no-one knows about.

* sigh *

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