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When you play Monopoly, is there a game piece you always prefer to use?

Asked by Raine (330points) May 5th, 2010

As for me, I always choose the dog, don’t know why.

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i think the thimble is TOPS.

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The thimble because I can stick my wittle pinky in it.

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Hat! I love hats. :D

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The shoe, definetely the SHOE.

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The boot. But I never win. I usually give up. My family plays for blood. or at least till your back breaks from sitting so long.

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The dog! How has no one else picked the dog??

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Dogs are smelly and noisy. Why would you want to be the dog?

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The iron. Pow!

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@MacBean – Cars are cannons are both noiser. Boots and horses are both smellier.

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I made my own. A little lead wizard throwing a fireball. I also painted all the pieces that came with the game.

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The battleship. Always the battleship. Why they don’t have an aircraft carrier or Aegis cruiser yet I will never know.

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The dog. I always have to have the dog or I don’t play.

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Money bags, when I can. If not, the sports car. I always liked these two pieces.

@WestRiverrat That is awesome.

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I hate!!!! monopoly. Hopefully if I have grandchildren, they will play other games- I will certainly strongly encourage other games!!

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I have a special edition of the game, which included a Railroad Train piece!
On traditional sets, the dog or the top hat are my fav’s, but I don’t demand them.

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I always use the thimble. It’s been my favorite piece for as long as I can remember.

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Cannon. It’s a guaranteed victory.

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@chyna Me cheating at monopoly is also guaranteed. Wanna play?

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Yes, but I have to be the dog. Can I be the banker? (evil laugh)

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For me, the iron. Never had to worry about it falling over because of the flat area.

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Top Hat, of course.

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The car, ‘cuz it’s the biggest, least topsy-turvy, and presumably the fastest.
I’ll obviously roll better numbers if I have the car.

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Wahhhh, my game only had wooden tokens I always chose the purple one.

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Well, obviously the car. Or the top hat.

But on World Edition, I got for the russian nesting dolls.

BAM! Illinois FTW!!!

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I always choose the dog too, simply because dogs are my favourite things in the world!

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Wheelbarrow, then I can carry you all away!

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Top hat. Always. I love it.

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I find it interesting how many peices there actually are!! I prefer the dog or the boot, but we have a NZ version of Monopoly and I have to have the jandle/sandal/flipflop or the surfboard just because I think they look cool!

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@Sakura I have 5 different versions of Monopoly and I love some of the non-traditional pieces. If I play one of the versions that don’t have a thimble I usually switch it up between all of the other pieces.

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you can make your own version too!

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When I was a kid, my sister always got the dog. I usually had the car but I didn’t have a particular favourite.

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@sakura Oooo, I would be arm wrestling you for that flip-flop!

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