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What values do you think youth completely lacks?

Asked by Jack3090 (94points) May 5th, 2010

People are always blaming youth about their lack of values & how bad our generations are.
Do you think this is true or not?
What values have we completely lost?

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On a general level, respect and sympathy for fellow-humans.

I cannot be absolute in this because much of the youth are rough diamonds in the making and to be honest it is not the youths’ fault things are turning sour for many of them, it is the ones behind them who were supposed to instil those values into them but did not and will not!

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I’m afraid I can’t identify any values that “youth” completely lack. Personally, I think youth get a bum rap. I think the values that older people lack are empathy and a desire to understand. A lot of older people think that now they are old, the youngsters should act respectful just because they are old.

I’m sorry but I think respect needs to be earned, not assumed. I think you earn respect by demonstrating respect. Young people behave the way their role models show them how to behave. I think elderly people who think the youth lack various values ought to take a serious look at themselves. Not that they’d be able to see what they’re doing, but it’s a start.

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What is valuable to one person is insignificant to another.

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I don’t know if I classify it as a value, but I think many young people lack the ability to consider others around them. I am not even thinking of big things like showing compassion for someone in need, I just mean not blocking doorways, not running around wild in a public place, standing to the right to let other pass by. Also, they fail to realize how good they have it, seem totally unaware of the hardships of generations before them.

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Patience, being willing to work for a few years at the cruddy stuff to move up the ladder. -saving up for years to have a car or vacation. -making plans for10 years down the road. I’m speaking of my own young adult children and some of their friends.

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The issue that frequently arises for me is in the workplace… I find that people over 35 typically are willing to work as a team and pitch-in to help another person out when things are tough. But the ones under 30 seem more inclined to take an “it’s not my job” attitude.

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The wisdom of old age.

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@janbb: Youth truly is wasted on the young… They are incapable of appreciating the vitality they possess on all levels! I would go back – but only if I could know what I know now!

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There are 40 developmental assets that youth need to ensure they grow into caring, responsible adults. It’s not to say that kids who lack these assets WONT grow up ok, but the chances are far less. can tell you all about it. 20 assets are “external” which, as several have already stated, are the responsibility of adults to instill in our youth. The other 20 are “internal” – that is, youth need to build them within themselves – adults cannot give these assets to them. That said, it is still our (adults’) responsibility to help young people build these character traits (honesty, caring, resistance skills, cultural and social competencies, a love of learning, peaceful conflict resolution, etc). 30–40 years ago, whole neighborhoods raised the “local” children and everyone knew if the guy hanging out on the street corner belonged there or not. Today, most adults do not feel a responsibility to help nurture the young people in their lives. Even some parents feel it’s the schools’ job. We ALL need to commit to building assets in ALL youth ALL the time.

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