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Do you make a lot of hand gestures when you talk?

Asked by Raine (330points) May 5th, 2010

I do! I especially do it when I’m excited, which happens to be the reason why I drop my cell phone all the time.

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Yes, I do tend to get a bit animated at times. So in my case sign language would not even necessary if I were with a person who was audially challenged, he/she would get the message immediately!

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Yes, I do and I like it when other people do.

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All the time. The more excited I get while talking, the faster I move my hands.

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Yes. It’s something my cousins and I all do. And the louder and more excited we get the more violent our movements tend to be.

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I am half Italian, of course I use my hands to talk. My grandmother told me that I wouldn’t be able to talk if my hands were tied,

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Yes, I was raised by New York Jews, I can’t help it.

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I am pretty sure I move my hands, but not exaggeratedly so. When I’m telling a story, most of my efforts go into imitating people.
My mom, on the other hand, is very into the hand gestures, even when she’s on the phone. It’s pretty amusing.

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Yeah, I do it without noticing. People find it humourous to imitate me at times. * hmph *

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Yes, im Italian.

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But since we have so many Italians in the house, I’ll throw in a joke: Why are you not allowed to talk to the bus driver in Italy? Because he needs to keep his hands on the wheel!

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I used to do so more in the past.

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I was raised in a Jewish family in a suburb that was primarily Jewish and I learned to communicate with lots of hand gestures. Now that I live in a very gentile, conservative rural area and I withhold the gestures that are not part of the culture of this region.

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Yes, in fact my sons and grandsons have learned to use our own hand language from before they could talk.

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Most definitely! I have two friends from Italy, and I out-gesture them by a mile! I suppose miles are the unit of measurment for gestures, I hope you all understand :) I think it’s a habit I picked up while teaching foreign languages in an immersion environment, it really helps people understand and learn new languages better. Another bonus is, in a loud room I’m very easy to understand :)

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Yes.I hit a kid in the face once…poor kid

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