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Is it too late to overseed my lawn?

Asked by ty037 (16points) May 5th, 2010

We just moved into a new house and I want to improve our lawn. I hear its best to do it in early spring but it’s already May. Do we have to wait until next year?

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You can always overseed after early spring. just make sure you follow the instructions on the back of the bag of grass seeds you get for the project. Make sure you get the correct grass type for overseeding for your planting zone.

In order to germinate, the grass seeds must be watered properly. Try to keep the soil moist, but make sure you don’t flood the lawn. Don’t forget to apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer at the recommended rate a few weeks after the grass seeds have developed their blades.

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Never too late, but it is more work on your part if you seed once it’s hot regularly. Watering is key. If at all possible, water in the mornings, before 10AM or so. If you water in the middle of the day, there’s a good chance your new grass will burn (water droplets get magnified by the sun, and brown spots will appear on the blades). If you water at night, it doesn’t evaporate quickly enough, and you risk a fungus problem.

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No it isn’t too late. We have just put seed down on our lawn, where there were bare patches. As the others have answered, you must keep the seeds watered, either early morning or late at night.

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Where are you? What kind of grass do you want?

I can’t reseed my lawn in North Carolina until the nighttime temps are over 66 degrees because of the variety of grass.

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It depends a lot on your location.

In the northern US, spring and fall are grass growing season. If you have cold winters, there is a big fall growth spurt to prepare for winter.

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I’m in Virginia (zone 7.) I heard that grass seedlings don’t do well in our hot summers hence the suggested early start. Thanks everyone for the great tips. I think we might give it a try and if it doesn’t take then try again in the fall.

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All hail the university extension!! Mine analyzed a soil sample from my lawn to recommend fertilizer, I think it cost $5.

Extensions are not just a Virginia thing, but ty037, here is yours:
Virginia Cooperative Extension brings the resources of Virginia’s land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, to the people of the commonwealth.

Understanding that knowledge is power, we place that power in the hands of Virginians and help them learn how to use it to improve the quality of their lives.

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@ty037 The grasses that don’t do well in the summer overseed are the rye, blue grass and fescue.
In NC, Zone 8, we have mostly Bermuda Grass and Centipede, both of these grasses REQUIRE for germination higher night time temps ( 55 to 65 degree nighttime lows ).

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