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What is this song?

Asked by quidseeker (4points) May 6th, 2010 from iPhone

This is a song I’ve heard numerous time on the radio, overhead pa systems at gas-stations and XM satellite. This is torturing me! It has really fast vocals with a guy sort of breathlessly talking and then the chorus goes Oooo aaa Oooo Aaaa then says something like ‘I know you’ll find the time’ then further ooo’s and aaaa’s…don’t use the example lyrics verbatim bcause I searched a bunch of lyrics sites and nothing. The song kinda sounds late 80’s to early 90’s-ish and it’s probably a white guy singing…it’s one of those songs everyone has heard once in awhile on the radio…it’s actually kinda bitchin. Thanks for any help guys!!

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ooh aah by the grits :)

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Hum (or sing, of course) your song here.

“You can find songs with midomi and your own voice. Forgot the name of a song? Heard a bit of one on the radio? All you need is your computer’s microphone.” Midomi.

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ya its mostly likely “My Life Be Like” by Gritz

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That’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen today @rebbel!
I agree – it’s the Gritz song that’s been mentioned.

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@rebbel: Oh my freakin’, freakin’, fuh-rrreakin’ gushyness! That has got to be one of the coolest things I may be finding about today, and all thanks to you, man. Love ya, bruh.

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@JeanPaulSartre @ValerieTeacup
You are both welcome!
Pleased to please you.

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Hey guys I appreciate the responses, but unfortunately My Life Be Like isn’t it!! :-). I tested it out over at YouTube and although it’s a cool song and I now like that one too, the one I’m looking for kinda sounds British poplike and he’s kinda just fast talking as opposed to rapping. Thanks again guys and if anyone has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it!

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Oooh Aaah – Agent Provocateur?
Miss You – Rolling Stones?
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Find the Time

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Savage Garden – I Want You

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How bout Tarzan Boy… by Baltimora

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