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Is getting an 8-bit tattoo of a heart on your wrist feminine, if you're a guy?

Asked by windex (2932points) May 6th, 2010

Black border, half filled heart (red)


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Who are you expecting to make this value judgement? No one here on Fluther would think that.

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I’d consider that neither masculine nor feminine. I have something similar over my heart. It’s a symbol of commitment to my lady (she has a duplicate).

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What the heck is with all the questions about superficial things being “gay” or “feminine”? Tattoos, piercings on certain sides of your head, men wearing skirts.

What you wear, pierce, tattoo, sing, dance, eat, watch… doesn’t make you “gay” or “feminine” or “masculine” or anything. It makes you YOU. Labels aren’t needed.

To answer, no.

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@poofandmook Femininity exists in appearance, whether you like it or not. However, the 8-bit design causes the geekiness to clearly overpower the femininity of the heart symbol, especially if it has a black outline.

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@poofandmook – I’m with you, I wonder why folks worry about such things. Jeans used to be called dungarees and they were very masculine, now they cost a fortune and are a fashion statement. Guys never used to wear pink, now it is not unusual.

So why bother about it, if you like it then just do it and be you. I think it is pretty safe to say your testicles will not be affected one way or the other.

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@windex do you think it is feminine?

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Id consider it super nerdy and super bad ass. Post pictures if you get it.

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Certainly not macho, but there are certainly those that could appreciate it. I’d worry more about how it may affect employment opportunities, how you’ll feel about the tattoo in 20 years, that kind of thing.

Also, it’s gonna hurt. Wrists are bony.

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When I got my wrist tattooed that actually hurt far less than the fleshy meaty part of my arm near the elbow.

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my wrist hurt the worst of all my 14.

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hmm maybe im just odd.

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@uberbatman: My friend got a tattoo over her spine recently and said it didn’t hurt, and everyone knows that’s one of the worst places. I saw it and it looked like he didn’t go very deep, and she said she was gushing so he probably didn’t, but either way, the spine still hurts like a mother.

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@windex: By the way, I am totally in need of a geeky tattoo now. I just might.

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Not to me. A bright beautiful smile seems far more feminine. But some guys seem to like it.

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