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Can anyone reccommend a good hotel in Paris or Amsterdam?

Asked by Likeradar (19580points) May 6th, 2010

I need recommendations for hotels in Paris or Amsterdam.

I’m looking for a place in a cool neighborhood, and that’s high quality. I don’t need a 5 star place, but I want somewhere safe, clean, and slightly luxurious. I know I could google for hotels, but I don’t know neighborhoods in either city.


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Hotel Terminus Amsterdam, its a ¾ stars hotel. Its not really expensive and has the right location in Amsterdam, Its quite a comfortable place. Its in middle of Amsterdam so you don’t have to travel far if you want to see Amsterdam.
the Rooms are large and the service is also quite good.

I hope it helps i don’t know any good hotels in Paris

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In Amsterdam, from what i’ve read, Oud-West is a nice neighbourhood, about 5 minutes from the centre (De Dam).
Focus on the red balloons on the link from Google Maps.

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Tulip Hotels throughout the Netherlands are a good bet. They may not be flashy, but like Holiday Inns in the US, they are comfortable, clean and “no bad surprises” (as a rule). I’ve stayed in several and I’ve never been disappointed.

They may be spreading around the Continent, too. I’d look for one in Paris, as well.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I think we’re looking for a little more flash than a Holiday Inn style place… any other ideas?

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Hotel Britannique
Location is the best selling point for this hotel. Paris’ Hotel Britannique is right in the heart of it, just a few steps from the Seine River, Les Halles, the historic Place du Châtelet, the hip Le Marais neighborhood, Notre Dame cathedral and Le Louvre. Once a popular stopover for jazz performers, today this inexpensive hotel features small but atmospheric rooms.

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@BoBo1946 Now that looks lovely!

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@Likeradar yeah, that was my pick of the ten the internet mentioned….

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bah, I wish I could remember their names! I’ve been to both places in 2004

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir let me know asap if you think of them!!!

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in amsterdam there is this awesome hotel called qbic hotel, its inside the world trade center..super close to everything. and its got an awesome design to it. In paris i stayed in a really shitty one, so i will not even tell you the name.

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@niks1112 That. looks. SWEET. I’ll definitley be looking into it. It’s way more low-frill than I wanted, but it would be an experience for sure. Thanks!

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Hotel Britannique Hotel (Paris, France) – Book Hotel Britannique…Add to My FavoritesE-mail this hotel. Added to My Favorites. Add to My Favorites. Hotel Britannique Hotel pics,photos, · Hotel Britannique Interier pics… › France hotels › Paris hotels – Cached – Similar

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Charles de Gaulle in Paris is very nice.

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Hotels or Hostels?

If normally you would stay at a ‘best western’ or ‘days inn’ places along those lines, then i would suggest a hostel.

that is not to “don’t” look into hotels in europe, but hostels usually an all around better option. just be open to some different options ( also some hostels will call themselves hotels to sound familiar to americans,)

hostels are usually a friendly environment, cheap, and you can meet other people that are travelers.

here are 2 sites that might help

as far as neighborhoods, here is a link that shows the districts that paris is divided into

you can look for attractions you are interested in and hostels/hotels that are near them. that site also expains what each district is known for (i.e. clubs, museums, churches, restaurants etc).

for amsterdam you will best off renting bikes to get around town, and for paris buy a week long unlimited metro pass (or however long you are going to be there).


amsterdam might have something like this too (idk), but if you are going to go to a lot of museums in paris, you can get a museum pass. Over 60 museums and monuments in Paris and on the outskirts of Paris can be visited for free with the Paris Museum Pass.

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Thanks Alive… it’s a romantic coulple’s kind of trip, so we’re not looking for the community thing hostels offer.

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@Likeradar there are “private room” hostels. the definition between hotel and hostel is a little blurry (lost in translation i suspect)

anyways i stayed in a ‘2 person room hostel’ on my romantic trip to paris. but if i didn’t know what it was called i guess one might mistake it for a “hotel”.

anyways, i still recommend hostel world to look for private rooms

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@alive I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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Hi there. Well it depends on where you are landing or coming from. If your are landing from CDG airport this might help you reconsider your stay. God Bless

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