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How many other Flutherites are also Second Lifers?

Asked by downtide (23515points) May 6th, 2010

I’m wondering how many other people here are regulars in Second Life. If you’ve tried it, what sort of things do you mostly do in-world? What is it that engages your attention?

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I tried it once but never earned enough linden to do anything. I will admit though that I LOVE to fly. It was also fun exploring but I do not have time for it.

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Ugh, Second Life. I have an account, but I never use it because it always crashes my computer.

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My avatar here is a screenshot from my SL avatar.

I have found that I am, for the vast most part, bored with clubs. Other than spending time on my land, I really only go to a couple of classic rock clubs. I also go to a naturist sim and to the waterhead to watch the insanity. I entertain myself by looking at people and profile surfing at such places. I am a generally quiet person and, unless you are female and sexxay, you are going to be ignored quite a bit.

I wander around new sims and explore the ones that show up on the opening page of the Emerald viewer.

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lol @Arisztid I am definitely not female or sexy. :)
My favourite thing to do is go to live music events. My favourite club is Guthries, and my favourite performer is Russell Eponym.

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I tried. But my flying was a bit clumsy.

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@mattbrowne that probably wasn’t just you. Flying tends to be a bit clumsy for everyone.

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I stumbled on to SL a couple of years ago by reading about it in business magazines and online articles. Because I was working for a global company in the training department, I thought it might be a fun, cheap way to deliver lectures/discussions world-wide without incurring the travel costs.

It didn’t take to long to get caught up in the social side of SL. Chatting with people from all over the world was fantastic. And there were some really creative islands, like the one devoted to replicating Van Gogh paintings in 3-D.

One night, I logged in, and the landmark server must have been down, as my avatar got plopped down in the middle of a public park. There, sitting on a bench was a balding male avatar wearing a dunce cap and Groucho Marx slippers. After a quick chat, it was off to a favorite club

When logging in the next night, I again found myself in the same park, and again, there was Rew. It didn’t take long to be friends, and we exchanged e-mails before the Christmas holiday since he’d be staying at his parents’ caravan, and they only had dial-up connection. 2 months later and we were web-camming, and 6 months after the initial meeting in SL, we met in RL. It’s now been 2½ years, and we are engaged.

We’ve both cancelled our accounts. Rew was bored with it, and I could no longer log in due to computer issues. We are both still in touch with a couple of SL friends, which is probably the best take-away from the experience. And we plan to rename the house “Mauve” after the island with the park where we met.

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@Pied_Pfeffer That’s a great story. Congrats on the engagement. :) Thanks for sharing. I remember the place with the Van Gogh painting – a 3d version of Starry Starry Night. It’s gone now but there are still some truly amazing places.

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I tried at a request of a friend. I failed. I think its a place for horny adults that need some kind of social outlet.

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@meagan there’s a lot more to it than just sex. I’ve been in Second Life four years and done the sex thing just once. Once was enough to convince me that I wasn’t interested.

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Thank-you for your kind words.

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded Google Chrome, and was then able to create a new avatar in SL. More time was spent coming up with a name and checking for old friends’ profiles than exploring. Maybe I’ll give it a second chance.

@meagan Yes, there are some sexual places in SL. I once wandered onto an island because there was activity there, and it still haunts me. If an island isn’t your cup of tea (it certainly isn’t mine), you just move on. SL has (or did have) island ratings much like movie ratings, so it’s just a matter of choosing locations wisely.

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@Pied_Pfeffer It does still have ratings though they’ve changed a little now. The old “Mature” land is now “Moderate”, a sort of inbetween grade, and all the sex is restricted to “Adult”. And to access adult land you have to either have verified your age or have payment info on file. So it’s no longer possible to stumble across it accidentally (unless someone’s doing it in a totally unsuitable place).

If you need anything look me up in-world (Lewis Luminos). I’d be happy to help.

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