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sex Buddys what do yall think about that? and does it really work?

Asked by Yogi (40points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a lot of friends with buddys that just have sex every day!!! Trying to figure out how this really works

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Works? Why wouldn’t it? Mutual wants and needs.

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I tried it. It was great until it went away. The thing is the timing. She hooked up with someone else while I hadn’t. This was far more difficult to deal with than I had imagined. And then I realized that I really cared about her and it hurt to see her with someone else.

Maybe you would be able to avoid that obstacle. I wasn’t and it crushed me.

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I think it can work for a while, but human nature will always get in the way.

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Sex is and always be an intimate binding experience. You’ll get attached.

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If it works for the people involved, I don’t see why they shouldn’t do it.

The problems arise when one of the participants really wants love and is using sex as either a substitute or a way to get love, or when the participants have different views on the meaningfulness of the sex.

The solution, as in most relationship issues, is to know yourself, to know what you want, and to communicate honestly with your partner.

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I wouldnt be able to have a sex buddy because I get attached to the simple things.. (Smell, sound, and sight.)Not only that, but I feel theres a difference between having sex- and just doing it like bunnies. I mean, i don’t look at sex as a casul thing. Its something to be careful with. (not to mention STDS)

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its fun. I had a sex buddy before. We just used to have sex whenever we wanted and that’s all. Nobody got too attached and one day we just stopped doing it. We are still friends today. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re the type of person that gets attached quickly

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dont do it. 90% of the time it ends badly..someone usually gets attached.

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I had a “friend with benefits” a while back, and it was fun at first to have a monogamous partner whose company I enjoyed, with no strings attached. But after a while the sexual experience became less fun, because it was meaningless. So I realized that I wanted a relationship with more emotional intimacy – but not necessarily with that particular guy. So I ended it, and not long after I met someone with whom I had a 7-year relationship, and the physical intimacy was matched by our emotional intimacy, and so it was very fulfilling. I will never settle for anything less again.

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Short term it’s kind of exciting and fun. Seriously, someone does always end up getting hurt… rarely can it really be no strings attached. Sure is tempting sometimes though.

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Didn’t work for Gov. Spitzer….

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@ boffin: that caught me off gaurd- I wasent expecting to read such hilarity.
Good one

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there is a difference between making love and just having sex, sex buddies is all physical with no emotional attachment, you need to be strong emotionally with very thick skin to be able to remove that aspect, IMHO making love is better with someone you truly love because its very itimate sex, the climaxes are wonderfully great by having that emotionally bond and connection. Sex is just sex.

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i think it can work as long as the people involved are 100% in agreement that there would be no emotional attachment whatsoever. as soon as one person starts to feel romantically involved it gets messy. then you have to start to consider their feelings and it turns into something that it wasnt in the first place.

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every one that answered is correct. U have to be very strong on not to get attached. Like with me i have a bf and a fb. He also has a girl to so we know we cant get attached.

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