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How do leaders from different generations differ in style?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) May 6th, 2010

There are many leadership styles. Some folks like the chain of command style. Some prefer a more collaborative or even democratic approach. Some are big on rules following. Others are into improvisational approaches to the problems the organization faces. Some will not compromise, others prefer to do what it takes to get something done.

Do you think leaders of different generations differ in style? If so, how and why?

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Leaders reflect the generation that they come from. Collegiate style is more in now in the corporate world and it follows that leaders in all walks of life embrace it.

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I was going to say what @marinelife already did. A leader is only as good as his culture.

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In any group of people, there may be one the others look to for leadership. I can be based on many different reasons, so there cannot be a definitive answer to such a broad question.

Sometimes older people will find a young person makes a great leader, such as some of our younger presidents. Leaders emerge in every generation, across generations, and even across cultures, for example, Gandhi

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While different generations way favour different types of leaders, there are people from every living generation with the characteristics of the numerous styles of leadership.

The influences change over generations, but human nature changes very much more slowly.

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Leadership style will vary according to the group being led I feel moreso than the generational aspect. Kids are kids as they always have been and require and engaging leadership style to keep them interested and cooperating. Similarly soldiers are soldiers as they always have been and require a commanding style leader to instill task oriented followers.

Paid workers need a leader with vision and delegation skills to achieve the goals of the company and ownership.

There are core requirements of a leader for every group imaginable but it ultimately comes down to does that leader have the skill set to get his group to achieve their goals and that is something that will never change no matter what generation is involved. Granted there are groups unique to a generation that a leader will emerge with a differing style but again those leadership skills require vision and purpose which is universal to any leader no matter what their style may be.

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@Cruiser Get it done is nice, but I’d rather have a leader who was more consistent and did a better job. I think that leadership style makes a big difference here. Sure you can get it done by yelling a screaming, but you might get it done twice as fast using some other leadership style.

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