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Did you lose your touch?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) May 6th, 2010

What was it that you lost your touch at? Was it immediately obvious it had happened or did it take a while for you to figure it out? When did it happen? How did you lose your touch? What were the consequences?

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I used to play the piano & organ a lot. Could sit down & play most anything my ear. I played the organ at church when I was in high school. But I haven’t played for so many years that I’d hate to hear myself now.

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I have lost my touch at everything, my smoothness is all gone. I feel like a relic of a dinosaur and often feel as if I am 205 years old. I have lost my touch at life. Consequences: being in a constant comatose state.

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loll..well, how long can this list be?

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I used to be able to keep up with all my daily tasks and still have time and energy left over to participate in a lot of community and volunteer activities. Now, I can barely get half of my daily tasks done, and I only participate in activities I can do online, such as let people know where they can help their favorite charity with every online search they make.

It happened when I got very sick a few years ago, and I never bounced back like I expected to.

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I think I lost my mojo. I used to be able to flirt and get things/guys. I could get a lot of attention and other stuff. Looking back, I was sort of an accessible hottie. But now I wear mom jeans play a constant soundtrack of crying and Pixar movies in the background. Not very sexy. :(

Edit: On the plus side, I don’t have to flirt because I can turn on my stupendously awesome husband just by being me.

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I’ve lost my ability to relax and have fun. A friend told me a few days ago about a night of partying she’d had with some friends. She asked me if I would go with her if she asked me too some other time. I told her probably not, even though I would go. I used to be able to have a girl’s night and hang out. But now, I have a hard time saying yes.

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Thankfully I lost the midas touch, was getting a little alarmed at my gold member.

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Yes… I used to be a safecracker, but I lost my touch.

Then… I would crack nuts, but I lost my teeth.

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