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Do you get angry at Doomsday prophecies or do you sit up and pay attention?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21515points) May 6th, 2010

What are your views on Doomsday prophecies, how do they make you feel, do you just laugh them off?

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I ignore them, except for entertainment value, such as the Great Bird of the Universe hatching (and destroying your planet in the process). I’m sure @Symbeline will have a far better answer than mine.

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I think they’re funny because I often notice that most doomsday prophecies carry with them the unspoken desire for change, spiritual transition or other forms of evolution and draw themselves as such in mythology, beliefs and such…rather than any of them actually beibng the end of everything as we know it.

In other words it’s all bullshit to me, because it’s like the fear of death and the unknown and making up gods and shit to make that inevitability all the more bearable with delusion.

And if it weren’t for any of that, in the face of reality, most people’s views and thoughts of an Apocalypse in which they may believe is often very primitive and Hollywood like…something flashy that’s gonna happen outta nowhere, and it doesn’t help that things like The Bible herald it like some dude would announce his products in France’s open fruit market.

This coming from the same kinda people who continuously claim that man’s existence is bullshit, and that we should face retribution by the hand of insects and animals to who this planet truly belongs, but I’d love to see them willingly letting themselves be killed by some puma for the good of the Earth.

They’re all fantastic bullshit, and they don’t scare me. What pisses me off is that we live in an apparently advanced world, yet people still believe in such fairy tales, ones which are as old as men and have been proven nonsense at every turn, and they carry them with haughty arrogance, like as if thinking that dragons sleeping in the Earth and coming out on Friday the Thirteenth to wreak havoc is about as normal as parking your fucking car.

With that said, the end of all, which I think only as far as the end of men, will be something gradual, which may already be happening now…we’ll most likely be destroyed by disease and famine, and it will be a process of several years, if not centuries…whatever it is, it won’t be supernovas flung at us by Satan or whatever, no matter just how badass and awesome that would be.

But yeah, the biggest thing I notice is that when people talk about this stuff, they have a hope for a better future, whether here or elsewhere, rather than the thought of an actual end to all. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not really Doomsday at that point.

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I pretty much ignore them.

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When the fundy church I was raised in all read that book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” back in the day (and I had to read it too), I was terrified. Then again, I was 7. Now I just think, Really? Again? Why don’t they use all that energy to help people here, right now, instead of trying to scare people in behaving the way they want and going on power/ego trips?

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Neither, I ignore them. But I always keep an eye out to see what happens after their “date with death and destiny” passes to see what they do. I’ve always found it rather amusing but sad in a certain way, at the same time.

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I agree with @Symbeline . The “end of the world” scenarios sell books and film tickets, I consider them all ridiculous. I’m prepared for realistic circumstances, either as warrior or re-builder.I don’t fear any of them; my death will either be nothingness or reunited with my beloved.

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At first I was interested in debunking them. Then I started ignoring them. Now I just get frustrated. I mean what kind of people believe this crap?
and that is coming from me, I believe in loads of odd crap

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I pay attention, but they never scare me. Nothing’s truly impossible. Besides, there’s usually a lot of flashy explosions involved, & I like that!

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If I never again hear anything about the Mayan prophecy of December 21st, 2012, it will be too soon. That pretty much sums up my feelings about it all.

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@Bluefreedom Here’s what I think happened:
They got sick of writing, & they just happened to land on that date.

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I don’t laugh at them! Why would I laugh at them? These people are trying to save my immortal soul. Maybe even my life. They’ve done serious research. They understand the signs and the portents. They understand Mayans and Channeled old souls and aliens. These people are amazing! I only wish I could be half as smart as they must be.

Anyway, I’ve built my shelter and stocked up good. I’ve got my guns. Even picked up an old howitzer somewhere. Don’t quite remember how that happened. Must be the peyote getting to me. That stuff’ll give you some terrible runs. I got places in Montana and New Zealand and even in the way North of Canada (brrrr).

Doesn’t matter what happens. The end of days; nuclear holocaust or global warming— I’m there. I’m prepared.

You know, though. I’m real concerned about you people who don’t take this shit seriously. It’s really heavy, I’m telling you. Just a word to the wise, you know.

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I try to understand people’s emotions. I point out that mass media are trying to please their shareholders by broadcasting an excessive amount of bad news.

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I pay attention. They appeal to me, I make up survival plans in my head, for instance, I know exactly how I’m going to fight off zombies, I know where my hide out will be, I know exactly how much food and water to stockpile etc.

No zombies, no problem, I have a plan for just an ordinary doomsday too.

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