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Asked by cornman (737points) March 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Can any of you share your experience of taking the supplement “glutathione” or any glutathione related products?

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Do you mean glucosamine? Check twice, send once.

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Glutathione is an amino acid and is not an essential nutrient, that is the body is able to synthesize it from other amino acids. I read a research article that sugested that even large oral supplements did not increase circulating glutathione. However if you are eating a well balanced diet with a variety of good quality protiens you wouldn’t need to take a supplement as your body will have the building blocks to make all it needs.

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I did not mean “glucosamine”. Thanks for keeping me in check though bud! Your answer was enlightening.

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@cornman. I’m sorry to have been so short..There is more in-depth groveling from me on “comments for you.”

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I have taken a product called max gxl. It is not glutathione but a precursor. In other words, it activates the natural glutathione in the body. I have seen my arthritis symptoms vertually disappear, I sleep better at night and I have more energy. You can find out more about this by going to a website and see more about it.

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