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What is this omen?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) May 6th, 2010

in the past two to three weeks, things like this happen: death of a son, death of a husband, a surgery for cancer, a surgery for a knee, a couple other surgeries, broken glass, car crashing through garage, swollen toe, glass shard in other foot, kids on the honor roll, kids in the national honor society, ticket for red light camera, husband out of work for two years, etc. all in the same family or connected family, i.e. in-laws

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Life? -always good and bad if there’s enough of you.

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Having grown up with very spiritual parents and very spiritual people around me, I have to say that that’s just life. Sometimes we want to feel that these things are all interconnected and there’s some balancing act going on in the background, but whether you believe in god and/or the supernatural or not, sometimes things just happen. Sometimes life is just rough.

I’ve seen my fair share of many things going bad at once and even though I believe in God, I have to say I don’t think every separate thing had meaning or purpose behind it.

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It is not an omen of anything. It is just all of the vicissitudes of life.

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Are you looking for a reverse omen? Like now, suddenly a mirror will break, or a black cat will cross your path?

On second thought a reverse omen would be called a Nemo.

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@filmfann Which is Latin for No One.

So you won’t meet any new friends?

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Just sounds like life to me. Honestly, if you really got into the personal life of all of your relatives, I’m sure you could find quite a list of major events going on in a span of 2–3 weeks.

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The word you are looking for is “Ouch”

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Yup, sounds like life. But, hopefully for every bad thing something good will happen. That’s how I’d look at it.

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You can see omens in anything. It just depends on how you sort the data.

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The events collectively mean nothing in reality. The human mind is constructed to find patterns. Even if they do not exist. That’s all. A series of random events are not a pattern. They are a series of random events.

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