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What do you look like when you wake up in the morning?

Asked by lillycoyote (24815points) May 6th, 2010

Does it take some time for the various parts of your face to settle back into place? Do you get serious bedhead?

I am pretty glamour-challenged when I wake up in the morning but I got a new do, quite a bit shorter than usual and with some layers and this morning I woke up looking like I had just escaped from a facility for the criminally insane. Aaarggh!

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Haystack-like bedhead. Puffy eyes, usually darkened because I forget to take off my mascara. I drool a little in my sleep, so there’s that.

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My hair is quite long now, so bed-head isn’t as humorous as it was when it was shorter. If I wore mascara the day before, chances are I’ll have raccoon eyes because I was too lazy to wash it off. Otherwise, I look pretty much the same.

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My hair will usually be stringy and oily.
My face usually looks pale and oily. Sometimes my eyes are puffy. I pretty much look like a zombie. I could be cast in a zombie movie right on the spot without needing any makeup.
But other than that, I look fabulous! XD

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I have long hair that somehow manages to stand out and perfect right angles from my head. It’s bizarre beyond belief. My eyes are shut and swollen to block out the cursed Day Star. Sometimes I wake up with a cup of coffee in my hand and have no Earthly idea how it got there. I blame the cats.

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My dog does not care what i look like in the morning. he never complains about anything. he is just wondering when his next meal will be ready and a trip outside to do his business.

Aren’t dogs great?

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@everyone LOL! and @gemiwing I don’t know about the coffee, but your cats are definitly “styling” your hair while you sleep. Lock up all your hair products before you go to bed. And @john65pennington. Aren’t you glad you don’t have cats?

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@lillycoyote Ahh! I was wondering why they kept following me around with a camera and muttering something about a face book…

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My hair is too short for a bed-head now, but when it gets a little longer, it sticks up in the back and I look ridiculous. >.<

I don’t notice anything else that looks that bad, though. I just look like I need a shower, though. Which I take promptly. :)

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@gemiwing: Are the using you for LOLhumanz?

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Like Marge Simpson!

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@hearkat oh crap. I knew they were up to no good.

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You don’t really want to know ;).

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@chels Yes, I really do. :)

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Puffy-faced and annoyed lol

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I wake up with wierd hairdos. Not even bed head, just unnatural looking. And my eyes are red and the color of them seems to stand out more. My cheeks are pinkish and I look like a child. :D

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@lillycoyote You probably think I’m joking too but ya pretty much I do look like that, haha.

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i wouldnt look til after noon…....but puffy…..circles….strange curls up my head….eyes shut…...scowl

one of my friends puts his bed head on FB. hilarious. and brave.

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I’m a morning person so I wake up bright and cheery. Unfortunately my beard grows so quickly I could pass for someone on a no fly list.
I have to shave and shower in the morning. Then I’m ready to go for the day.

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Like I always do if I got enough sleep. If I didn’t, on the other hand, more or less like I took a whack to the back of the head from the broad side of a shovel.

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I look the same according to friends and lovers. My hair will be a bit wavy when I awake but other than that I look exactly the same.

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squinty. weird because im not wearing glasses. my hair is usually a disaster although sometimes it looks better when i just woke up than it does when i take time to fix it. and usually my skin looks better too because i havent been picking at it.

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Like a fart in an astronauts suit, unwelcoming, knackered, & a little off colour.

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@deni That happened to me just once, that my hair looked better in the morning. One morning I woke up with movie star hair. You know that sort of Meg Ryan moppish, mussed up look that you can only get from a 200$ haircut and a personal stylist. It was fabulous but sad too because I needed to take a shower and that would be the end of my movie star do.

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@lillycoyote i know that heartbreaking feeling all too well. also sometimes i wake up with the perfect waves but an hour into my day they flatten out and then it just looks boring and bad. so sad.

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