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How would you keep total power, if you had it, from corrupting you?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) May 6th, 2010

Here is the debate, if one discovered when they woke they had omnipotent power, what ever they thought or willed would happen; someone cuts you off and you wish them to have 4 simultaneous flats and it happens. You want money the ATM spits out what you wished. Someone says a rude comment about you and you will the large oak tree outside their home to fall on it and crush it and it does. If there was nothing that would cause you consequences what would cause you not to become an insufferable monster? Sure people say it won’t change then, and it might for a while but eventually wouldn’t power like that corrupt? What is it that will keep you from abusing it simply because you know no one can stop or oppose you?

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we are already corrupt, and have somebody in our lives that really annoys us to tears.
Or has taken advantage of a situation.

I dont think I would be Medusa, but there are a few people that have been very nasty that need to be kicked in the shins.

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Deja vu…

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I think I’d be corrupted in the ways of money, greed, sloth, so much bling! but then I’d come down and fix this world the hell up.

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—loll..maybe you should invite some of the “powers at be here”...had more comments removed in one day than the last 6 months….

oh, back to your question…if a person loves people and what happens to them, power would never be a problem!

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I wouldn’t! ;-) I’d just revel in it as much as I could, Lol….

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If one had ultamate power they could fix any mistakes from the misuse of power so it would be o.k…. you could re-inflate the tires in the car you caused to have a flat.

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Adherence to a strict moral code would help.

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See how the Dalai Lama handles his Tibetans.

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