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Could all the "main" links in each section take you back to the section you are in?

Asked by jrpowell (40464points) May 7th, 2010

If I am in Social and click on any of the “home” buttons it would be nice to stay in the social section and not dumped into general. I mostly use the logo (biggest target) to get to the where I was. And I use the home button in the footer a lot too.

Getting pushed to general every time I click one one of those is getting really tiring. If I am in Social keep me in social. I know where the button for general is and will click on it when I want to go to it.

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Both of my daughters who are members have your same wish, JP. It kind of puzzles me, though, because the “home” link on just about any website brings you back to, well… the home page. If I’m shopping on, in the women’s jeans section, and I click on their logo, it takes me back to the front page of the site, not back to women’s, or jeans. You know what I mean? Maybe there’s something I’m missing. We all know I’m not very technology friendly, so it’s pretty likely!

That said, I would like the option to change the default page.

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It’s a good “wish-list” item. The way I was treated yesterday, I’d like to permanently stay away from the General section. I’m thinking that the powers that be have decided that some of us don’t belong here and want to run us off. Even after one day, I’m sick of having to check a questions status, and then be second-guessed about whether an answer is appropriate.

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Working on it. You can click the tab that’s highlighted for a workaround.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land :: I think you are over thinking things. Read the guidelines.

“Feel free to use your own voice. Humor and sarcasm may be used, but only in conjunction with a legitimate answer to the question.”

Answer the question and feel free to use humor to do it. But provide help for the people looking for help in the process. This is a QandA site. One liners that don’t help are not helpful and should be deleted.

The only problem is that they took a year to try and deal with this problem instead of being really strict to prevent it from happening in the first place. And everyone needs to be blamed. There is a “flag” button. People needed to use it more.

edit :: I should add that on a scale of one to ten I am a 2 with these changes. I’m not thrilled.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I am positive that no one wants to “run you off”.

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Definitely not trying to run anyone off. :)

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@stranger I don’t get the point about “having to check a question’s status” since it tells you right on the dialogue box above “answer this question” what type of question it is.

So far, I am continuing to work from my “Questions for you” list and I find out if I choose to answer one what category it is in and tailor my response accordingly. But I do see a beneift for jp’s suggestion or having the ability to set one area your personal default. Perhaps not the Home button, but a “Back to this Category” button.

While we’re wishlisting, checkboxes for removing more than one question at a time would be so nice.

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If Home must always be 1 page, then have it default to “All” (which sadly isn’t even available on the iPhone Web App) instead of one particular ‘Section’. I’d prefer it remember where we last were and/or allow us to select a default.

Because I am on the iPhone mostly, I use the “Back” button, rather than the Home links. But while that keeps me in the most recent ‘Section’, it goes to the top of the page, rather than where I left off! >.<

When I Fluther from the desktop, I open the Questions in a separate tab, so I don’t lose my place on the Home screen.

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@hearkat :: I made this for a very different reason but it will work to show the last 12 questions from all sections on a single page. And it shows you what the details of the questions are too. It simply parses the RSS feed and makes it look better on the iStuff.

But the links do send you to the non-mobile version of the site. Which is actually why I made it in the first place.

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