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Why do rhythmic noises cause me to not be able to sleep, and how can i avoid this?

Asked by deni (23042points) May 7th, 2010

birds singing (the current situation), snoring, loud breathing, air conditioner whistling, someone shoveling leaves off cement (cough my neighbor cough), cd drive in my boyfriends computer continuously reloading itself….basically anything that is rhythmic and repetitive causes me to not be able to sleep. and essentially, one of these things is happening every time i try to sleep. it’s getting old, i’m sick of laying awake thrashing because there is a bird singing outside my window.

i cant sleep with music on because my boyfriend cant sleep with music playing so…there’s that.

this sometimes becomes a serious problem, especially when i have PMS and everything really fucking pisses me off.

but why? why is this such a problem for me? HOW DO I SOLVE IT? i really like to sleep. and right now…i really need to sleep. but this bird… it hopeless?

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The sounds made my humans or animals aren’t quite as regular a rhythm as you’d think, which is why they tend to be disquieting. I usually sleep better with droning sounds, like the air conditioner or a fan running. I now use sound generators on my iPhone to help me drown-out the other sounds… I prefer the ones that have the ocean waves or the sound of a babbling brook with the breeze in the leaves, etc.

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Earplugs? That’s all I can think of.

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@TheOnlyNeffie: Yes, some people sleep with earplugs in. The most comfortable option would be custom-molded plugs which can be washed and reused for a few years.
However, in my case, I’m not only easily distracted by sound, but I also suffer from ringing tinnitus in my ears, so when I wear earplugs to block out the sounds around me, I hear the sound inside my ears even more… so that’s why noise machines work best for me.

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@hearkat I would be terrified to sleep with earplugs, I would NEVER hear my alarm clock. O:) I just got the impression that the OP was hoping for silence, and that was all I could come up with… I also prefer a noise machine, personally. Or a fan, ideally.

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i prefer noise too. for the past 7 or 8 years i slept with music on at night. now those days are over, i guess. see, multiple birds chirping is fine, but when it’s just one, there’s something about it that bugs the shit out of me. headphones are pretty uncomfortable. earplugs, dont know why i hadn’t thought of that. suppose i need to get me some!

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I have a nice bed
Sucks to be you

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shut up bob

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