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What are genuine place names that you know of that cause a few eyebrows to be raised?

Asked by ucme (50037points) May 7th, 2010

Funny, rude sounding names of towns, villages, shops, or maybe businesses around the world that you’ve maybe visited or know someone who has.Yeah I know they’re to be found all over the internet but i’d rather hear it from you guys.Consider yourselves flattered.

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I live near Climax, NY. (And if you continue west on Rte. 81 from Climax, you will find Surprise and Result.)

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I’m not sure that this is exactly what you’re looking for, because it isn’t really “funny” or “rude”, but it’s pretty cocky. There is a town/community a few miles from my house called “The Center of the World.”

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@MacBean If I were ever to visit Climax i’ll be sure not to arrive too soon. @TheOnlyNeffie Hey it’s all good.

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@ucme An early arrival is still preferable to never arriving at all!

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There’s a Kickapoo Rd. between Austin and Houston (TX).

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I’ve just remembered, there is also a Sodom Rd. somewhere nearby. I think it may actually be in Surprise…

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Blue Ball and Intercourse, PA

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Pinch, WV is just down the road from Quick, WV. Pinch Quick, haha.
Also, there is a Big Ugly, WV, as in this headline: Big Ugly woman dies in car wreck. This is a true headline.

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@wonderingwhy stole my answer! <pout> Well, there’s Hell, MI. and Paradise, PA

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middlesex, mass

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One of my favorites is Humptulips, WA.

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Hell, Michigan.

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Well, there is no place I know called Honeymoon, OH but it would likely be between Dayton and Marion if it existed. We do have a place called Greasy Ridge (pronounced GreeZee) though. There is always Truth or Consequences, NM which always struck me as being a bit strange . . .

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There was Valhalla Road in Winnipeg, and I once saw ’‘Death Valley’’. It was all epic.

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Bangkok sounds awful. Also, there is a chain of convenience stores called Kum and Go. Also terrible.

@Sueanne_Tremendous I used to live in Madison. Someone would steal that sign pretty regularly

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There is Dyke, Virginia and there probably should be a Sexual Dr. but I haven’t seen it yet. In Wolverine, MI there is a Road St. (which just seemed really redundant to me).

The other place names that get my attention are those that are not pronounced by the locals as they are spelled. For example, we have Gratiot, Ohio (pronounced Grey Shot), and there are Newarks in Ohio, New Jersey, and Delaware respectively pronounced Nerk, Newark, and New Ark. In Ohio, Versailles is pronounced Ver-sales and Moscow is Moss-Cow. Lima is pronounced like the bean not like in Peru and on an episode of Law and Order Special Victims, Olivia made reference to Ack-ron which cracked me up.

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Peculiar, MO.

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Just to answer my own question, I know crazy right. There’s a place near me in the North East of England quaintly named as Pity Me.

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also… “Truth or Consequences, NM”

‘T or C’ for short!

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@Kayak8 How should Ack-ron be? I bet I say so many US places wrong.

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There is a creepy back road to a ranch in Estes Park called Devils Gulch road, and it is a very windy scary road.
I have also come across a weird named town in Ut. called Tooele, but is pronounced two-will-ah.
There is also Last Chance, CO., and No Name CO.

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@MacBean you’ve just reminded me that there is a town called Sodom nearby, and also a street.
@shego Tooele was featured in the tv show Prison Break. :)

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@faye I am not sure I can write it the way I hear it but it is more like Akrun, not RON . . . does that make sense?

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I stayed in a hotel in a town called “French Lick.” I think it was in Indiana.

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@Kayak8 Thanks, i’d have said it that way- canuck way!

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Toad Suck Park in Arkansas. I forgot which city it’s in, maybe Little Rock?

I love your new avatar look. I spotted it right away!

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Big Bone Lick State Park in KY

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@escapedone7 French Lick, Indiana is the home of the great Larry Bird.

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PenĂ­scola. It’s in Spain.

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@Draconess25 Cock a Cola, it’s the real thing.

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BOOGER HOLLOW, ARKANSAS. Passed thru a bunch of times.

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Great Britain has some really funny ones:

Crapstone (in Devon)
Crotch Crescent (in Oxford)
Penistone (in South Yorkshire)

This article talks about these… interesting names.

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Spread Eagle NewFoundland which is near Dildo NewFoundland

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Big Bone Lick State Park

Location: Boone County, Kentucky

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I forgot about Gay Park, a small park in Winnipeg.

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