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How to set the Leased Time on the ADSL Router to forever?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) May 7th, 2010

It is recommended that I should set the leased time to forever for a
Home Network.

How do you do that? My ADSL Router asks for Leased Time in hours so how do I set my leased time to forever but in hours?

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Well, we can’t really answer this question unles you tell us the manufacturer and model number of the router.

However, I suspect that the answer is to set the lease time to 0 (zero).

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@the100thmonkey The manufacturer and model number is Strabridge Linx 525.

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@the100thmonkey is correct about setting this parameter to zero.

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@Dr_Lawrence @the100thmonkey I tried setting it to 0(zero) but it says that” the parameter 0(zero) is out of range of [1–65535]” so, do I need to set it to 65535 instead? Because my leased time I have to set it in hour

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The 65535 hours will give you approx 7.5 yrs before you need to worry about it again. Unless you are luckier than I am, you’ll be replacing it before then. So, yes, set it for the 65535.

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