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Why do you use fluther?

Asked by MissA (7391points) May 7th, 2010

Do you fluther at work? Has it replaced sites you used to comment on? What is your story…why do you fluther?

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I Fluther to get answers, but I also have come to realize that Fluther is a really great community that has a lot of great members. It’s amazing that people take time out of their days to help out others. Days like today, I have sat here refreshing and commenting for hours… avoiding doing work but also because I feel like Fluther has given me so much, I should do my part as well.

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I fluther because it’s fun. It’s a great place to just wander around and see what type of questions people ask. I love seeing the answers as well.

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there is pretty much something for everyone here.

i really enjoy debates (well to a point i guess), but this site gives me a place to flex my thinking muscles, esp on topics i am interested.

also like @vbabe96 you can wonder around. you never know what you’ll find. people have some pretty interesting/entertaining things they talk about on this site.

its cool.

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As I have said many times before, I use fluther because I like to help others and I appreciate being part of a community where there are so many good people I respect and admire.

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I Fluther at work and at home. I use Fluther because it is a great opportunity for me to ask and answer questions and engage in intellectual and stimulating conversations with a wide variety of different types of wonderful people. I also like Fluther because I’ve learned a wealth of information on so many different types of things since I’ve been a member here. Additionally, Fluther is one of the best looking, best moderated, and most impressive forum type websites I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

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I, too, fluther at work and at home. It’s a way to kill time and interact with others. Also, I’m a compulsive helper.

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I fluther because of the connection with people that I make while Q&Aing.

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Sometimes I think that I am regarded as misusing it – judging by the number of times that quite innocuous questions get modded, then when “adjusted”, never reappear. I think that I have a mod with a grudge playing silly buggers.

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It is my understanding that now, if those questions are in the ‘social’ section, they won’t be hit by the moderators so much. Am I correct?

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@MissA Am I correct?

I hope so. Though my problem was when a question wasn’t either outside the guidelines or offensive in any way it would still get modded. I don’t post many questions and with this attitude on someone’s part I probably won’t – so it isn’t a big concern.

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There are several people here I know from a previous site and a few irl friends that I enjoy to interact with with the posts from others as thread between us all. Social sites have giving me a lot of new perspective on things and actually gotten me to do or try a few things I’d never considered before.

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To torment myself. ~

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I do it because I like sharing my experiences, opinions, and ideas with a wide range of people as much as possible and I like to debate those opinions and ideas with them as well. It’s been the reason I’ve been coming on Q&A sites since 2006.

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I originally came here after a friend of mine complained about answers she received to one of her questions. It was more of a “can you believe they said this” and she gave me the link to her question. I read her question and then started browsing and decided to join.

I like helping people and giving advice when I can. This definitely seems like a good Q&A site so far (I’ve only been here a few days and I haven’t been on many Q&A sites). I like that people stick around and you can get more information about their question and actually discuss it in most cases.

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I fluther for the company it gives me, and I’ve learned so much.

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To help and be helped.

Edit: After being a member for quite a while, Fluther actually is my job, now. I’m the Community Manager here, so if you need anything… just let me know!

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To learn, to find answers. The archives here are an incredible wealth of information.

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@augustlan Well, since you’re offering, I could use a sandwich…

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@bob_ Coming right up. I make a great sandwich!

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A way to relax, learn and have a laugh.

If it gets too intense with conflict and whatnot, I fuck off for the day. Usually during spares, and in the evening, if I’m not dead.

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Because I like hanging out, answering questions and shooting the shit but my old hangout got taken over by a few corporate drones and a whole lot of kids who got tossed from Yahoo.

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