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Is there a car audio reciever that has some sort of bluetooth connection?

Asked by mowens (8367points) May 7th, 2010

Heres the deal. I had a brand new Cadillac for a couple of years… it had hands free over bluetooth. I sold the car, because I wanted to become cheap. (tired of a hugh payment) So I bought an old mountaineer, cash.

I want bluetooth.

I want it now.

I want something that integrated, not something that clips onto my visor. I dont mind clipping just a mic to my visor, but you know what I mean.

Is there a way I can use the audio reciever in a car as a bluetooth thing, and have a mic on my visor?

Maybe one with a big enough screen it tells me who is calling?

Basically I want it on my car speakers…. that is all.

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Almost all current car stereos from middle of the line and above seem to. My last two cars have had Bluetooth as a standard option. Many GPS units also incorporate Bluetooth hands-free and music streaming.

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Im sorry, I want to retrofit my 98 mountaineer… i can just but in a regular reciever and it will do it?

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It looks like systems are available, these, for example but they seem to be for specific brands of car stereos. Can you afford to have a new stereo put in?

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I can… I’m just cheap. :)

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But as far as this goes, I will spend top dollar to get a good system.

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Try nearby pawn shops – support the local car thieves.

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@DarkScribe Theives do need to eat too.

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There may be universal systems, I just found that site with a quick search.

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Here’s the search. I don’t know how tech handy you are or how much you want to spend setting this up but it’s a place to start. Good luck.

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Look into the Parrot brand of bluetooth receivers. Just make sure you find a really good person to install it.

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Pioneer sells all kinds of in dash-recievers with bluetooth built right in. They’re very nice decks, I have one myself.

Once you have a deck picked out, hop on over to Crutchfield (as mentioned by @lillycoyote) to order it. These guys are awesome.

And if you’re somewhat handy, you can install it yourself with the parts and instructions Crutchfield sends you when you buy the deck. I did, it was a snap! :)

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Has anyone used the bluetooth on these? How do they work?

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The in-deck bluetooth? The blue tooth is built into the stereo, so you connect to it with bluetooth from your phone. Some might have a mic that you clip somewhere, but the sound from the call comes over your car speakers.

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