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any suggestions on buying a washer/dryer set? stacked vs. side-by-side?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) March 13th, 2008

i’m interested in buying a stacking set for my condo. right now i have a side-by-side set. it is very awkwardly placed in my half-bath. there’s a deal for a Whirlpool Duet Sport set for $800. does anyone have strong feelings for or against stacked laundry appliances? or this brand/model?

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stacked may be smaller. The best is a front-loading washer. They use less fuel & water & clean better.

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Well when it comes to this take in consideration the available space.

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We have a stacked set.. Also Whirlpool. Both front-loading.

Moving stuff from the washer on the bottom to the dryer on the top sucks. Stuff always lands on the floor when loading and unloading the dryer. I would prefer a side-by-side. Unfortunately we don’t have the space for a set.

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you are just an appliance buyin fool, aren’t cha?! Lol… J/k… We have a side by side.. I personaly have had both, and I prefer the ones we have now bcuz they wash bigger loads. But you will have to eventually need the washer re- balanced or it will shake a lot and not wash as well.

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There are combination washer-dryers from companies like LG, Haier, and Equator that may solve your problems. They’re designed to be comparatively energy-efficient, though they’re often not time-efficient. It might be worth checking those out.

(I personally don’t like stacked appliances, but if you don’t have the room, you don’t have the room.)

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BOSCH only.

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I don’t care for stacked washer and dryers because they are too small. If you have room, the high efficiency steam washers are awesome. It uses very little water. The clothes are practcally dry when a cycle is finished. The dryer is awesome too. I have the red LG set, and we love it.

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Maytag…Nuff said…

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@guesswho: indeed i am! i’ve decided to do my part to “revitalize the economy” and spend my “rebate” on a new dishwasher. mine has been broken for the last three or four years and it’d be really nice to have again. unfortunately while dishwasher shopping, i saw the deal for the washer/dryer. although not necessary, it’d be really nice to get all. i wanted to throw the questions out there and see if the help provided would aide me in making a decision one way or another.

my uncle was an engineer at whirlpool and very strongly discouraged against the hi-eff top load washers. i haven’t used a front loader since college and have never had stacked appliances. stacked appeals to me, since the layout i have requires you to wedge yourself between the commode and the washer to do laundry (after closing yourself in the room-the door opens into the dryer).

thanks for all the input! as always, very enlightening :D

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