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When will the boy be to grown up to act this way?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10277points) May 7th, 2010

Today I saw a boy notice his shoe needed tying. He then sat in the middle of the floor with a flop and tied the shoe. Then he got up and went about his business.

How long do you think the full sit down will last? A month, two years??

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Around the time he uses his fly, rather than pulling his pants down, to pee.

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Humm. I still do that. Of course, I am only 66. I am sure I will grow out of it soon.

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When they become aware (hopefully an adult will gently clue them in) that the placement of their body could negatively affect other people.
I don’t see many kids doing that after 3rd grade or so.

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Tying one’s shoes for a child is a developmental milestone and it takes into account a series of steps and motor coordination to do so and usually occurs between 5–7 years old. We take for granted such things but for a child this is a real challenge. How long until he’s able to do it on one knee probably has more to do with his general fitness, body type and parroting others behavior. Either way as a parent I don’t think it’s necessary for anyone to be concerned. He will learn. Probably initially by sitting on a small stoop. Let’s face it even as an adult it’s easier to tie one’s shoes in a chair and it doesn’t take long to figure that out.

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@SeventhSense I thought it was cute. I didn’t care…I just thought he can’t possibly keep that up, i bet. Maybe it’s cuz he is so close to the ground he might as well just sit on it! lol

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Like a little colt on shaky legs..

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Once a kid can support their weight in a crouch or squat then it’s just a matter of being shown by others. My grandpa taught me to go down on one knee at a time to start out with and I was about 3.

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Well you were just special. :P ~

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Yeah, my grampa was the best friend and teacher I’ve ever had.

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I’m thoroughly confused by this question. About how old was the kid? Does that make a difference? What’s so strange about sitting on the floor to tie a shoe? What’s the proper procedure for this?

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@ubersiren I think he’s wondering at what age a child will kneel or squat to tie shoelaces instead of just plopping all the way down on his or her rear.

@Ltryptophan My 6 year old will get down on one knee to tie his shoes, but my 5 year old sits all the way down. Somewhere between those ages must be when the magic moment happens!

This question made me think about something I’ve always wondered. When I see a toddler running around, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to just spontaneously fall down all the time. Imagine just randomly tripping throughout the day. They just crash, hop up, crash again, hop up, over and over.

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I still do that…...and I’m in high school.To me it’s just easier

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@SeventhSense I couldn’t tie mine until I was 8.

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I won’t hold it against you. I bet you play a mean game of Yahtzee though..

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@SeventhSense Actually, <<gulp>> I’ve never played Yahtzee. No one will play with me….:(

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I’ll play wit chu…

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