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How to deter cockatoos?

Asked by Theby (998points) May 7th, 2010

I have been feeding wild cockatoos from my 3rd floor apartment window for the past few weeks. Now I have to stop doing this because my neighbours have complained about the falling sunflower seeds. I have shut all of the windows for the past 6 days but the cockatoos are still arriving. They scream, bang on the windows, have put holes in my mosquito nets and have started pulling the rubber seals off my (and my neighbours) windows. How can I deter them but not harm them?

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Hang a feeder for them somewhere outside of the apartment building. Perhaps on the side of the building where the seeds won’t bother any of your neighbors. Maybe hang it in the courtyard of your building if you have one. They should find it and stay there if you keep it filled.
Good luck.

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I would purchase bird spikes like these for your window sills. (Please shop around- I did not price check and that might not be the best deal.) They are humane and will keep the birds away.

I would also put a feeder in an acceptable location away from the building just because it is a cool thing to do.

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I shoot them with a water pistol. The don’t like it and stay away. I haven’t actuially used it on a cockatoo but it sure shuts up a noisy parrot.

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How ironic, I was looking through my ancient profile messages and came across a thank you reply for my answer to this question from the OP, when I followed the link I found my answer was not here and I assume it was moderated : ^)

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