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Should wives or s/o also be celebrated on Mothers Day?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 8th, 2010

Since your wife or s/o is not your blood relative, should they also be included and celebrated on Mothers Day?

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I say Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who is a mom, I give my sister a card, and some close friends as well. It isn’t my Mother’s day, it’s Mother’s day.
By the way, to all my Fluther Family who are moms – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Trillian, thanks. i agree. i never thought of it that way.

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@Trillian That’s how I always figured it, too.

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And if she is the mother of your child you should honor her because she helped you bring that child into the world and vice verse on father’s day.

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Answered in error.

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Yes, especially in this day and age of blended families.

I have also been blessed with several ‘surrogate’ Moms along the way of life who in many ways know and understand me better than my own Mom. I especially celebrate them on Mother’s Day, as well as my SO’s Mom, who has so beautifully nurtured and influenced him and his sisters.

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Well here in England Mother’s Day was back in March.However today happens to be my Mum’s birthday so, happy birthday Mum!! Yay.

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In South Korea today is Parent’s Day. I think that covers it quite nicely for me, and for everyone else who provides care to a child.

Last week was also Children’s Day, and a national holiday (which fell mid-week, woo hoo!). There were craft fairs, shows and other activities going on everywhere; it was sooo fun!

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Not only do I celebrate all traditional moms but I celebrate others as well.
I celebrate those who have no other children but have experienced a loss b/c if losing a child doesn’t make you a mother I don’t know what does.
And I celebrate those who desperately wanted children and couldn’t have them b/c we know they tried so hard and they are a mom at heart.

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Is your wife a mother? The celebrate!

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If she’s a mother, then celebrate!

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Did you or your wife ever have a mother – then celebrate.

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No. Only mothers. Of course many wives and girlfriends are also mothers. But, being a mother is the deciding factor. Isn’t it obvious?

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@perspicacious Every one who was ever born had a mother – Mother’s Day is for all.

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@YARNLADY The question is who should “be celebrated” on Mother’s Day; it has nothing to do with everyone having a mother.

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@perspicacious Well, for those who don’t wish to celebrate their own mothers, I guess it would be a null day.

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