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During live TV performances do singers use voice enhancements like "auto-tunes" to help them sound good? Details inside------------>?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11276points) May 8th, 2010

I found this video of Miley Cyrus singing on the Today Show. She’s awful. And, it really looks like she’s singing. Then I found this video of the exact same performance but in this one she’s actually not terrible. How do they do this? Was the first one faked, or was there another microphone that picked up her real voice and in the second one her voice was run through something like auto-tunes? I’m really curious. Any audio geeks out there care to help?

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I have heard that Reba McIntyre does it.

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Generally not. That first one sounded like it had something wrong with the sound. It did not even sound like Miley Cyrus’ voice.

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I just remember a clip of Linda McCartney singing live on Hey Jude and they isolated her mike and she was simply awful. It seems like that’s what happened with Miley. There was the live mike and then they ran it through auto-tunes and somehow someone got the live feed prior to running through auto-tunes.

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I’m afraid I can’t really answer your question, but the first one is definitely a fake. She’s not THAT bad, no one can manipulate live vocals that much, and it sounds like they’re just messing around, not actually trying and failing.

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Ever heard of panomining(spelling?). this was the thing, back in the 60s and 70s. artist would pretend to sing the song, but the actual music was on tape and the artist would “lipsink” the words. have not seen this lately, until this video.

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@john65pennington Plenty of artists that people dislike have been jokingly accused of this. At my school we have annual lip syncing contests where you simple mouth the words as if you were singing.

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As a former working musician I will let you in on the secret. The TV performances are almost universally pretaped unless the artist is truly talented (think Celine Dion or U2). Most novelty acts like Miley, Britainy, Evanescence are not live even when in concert. Bring binoculars and look at the drummer. If he is wearing headphones or earplugs you are being ripped off.

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