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Do you think STDs are a warning that we shouldn't be having premarital sex?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5376points) May 8th, 2010

According to the bible, sex is supposed to be something shared between a married couple. Do you think STDs is a warning that people are doing something wrong by having sex with no restraint?

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David, Solomon, Abraham, just to name a few men in the bible had many wives and many concubines. (Just one more thing about the bible that bothers me).

STD’s is a warning to have protected sex.

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@Chyna STD’s is a warning to stop having sex like animals. Did you know Monkey’s have more restraint then humans when it comes to sex? That’s sad!

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A disease is simply a disease. Is breast cancer a warning not to have breasts?

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Is the biblical god really so bad a planner that he would allow babies to get STDs from their mothers during child birth, women (and men) to get STDs from rapists, and faithful spouses to get STDs from their non-virgin partners? And that plenty of people have lots of premarital sex with many partners and never get an STD?
In other words… no.

@ducky_dnl Do you have a reference for the monkey claim?

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@ducky_dnl If you think you have the answer, why ask?

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maybe most other animals dont have sex as much as some humans because most females of the species will not permit the males to have sex with them outside of their reproductive periods. They will also always have sex as soon as they become reproductively fertile. this does not happen in humans – would you go round offering yourself to the biggest, most masculine man as soon as you become fertile? no because thats not how humans plan their society. we use birth control and most of the time try to have sex outside of reproductive seasons so that when we do have offspring they are provided with the best start in life a parent can give (ie. planned).
There are STIs in many species of animal and other species have even been seen to partake in oral sex and it is thought that many other species have sex for pleasure. we definately arent the only ones.
is god punishing the monkeys with STIs for having sex outside marriage? no its natural, marriage is the thing that is the un-natural process here if we are to look at it like this.

also i would love to have this money reference please

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@bongo Yes, sex is narural, but people actually have the mind to think about the consequences. People should be able to control their urges. Do people ever stop to think that if they had sex, dated a new person… that maybe their choice upsets the other person? Also, I asked a man at the zoo and he said that “Monkeys, for procreation will only mate twice a year.” That is my reference.

Btw, Marriage is not unnatural. It’s actually what is supposed to come before sex.

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@ducky_dnl Did the man work at the zoo or was it some random man standing around looking at the monkeys?

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@chyna He worked there.

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yes they might only mate twice a year for procreation – this is dictated by breeding seasons, some species of femal monkey will come on heat every 6 months, this ensures young are born at a time of year when there will be plenty of food. humans can have young at any time therefore become receptive once a month.
monkeys also have sex alot more than just twice a year, not to have young (as the females are not in oestrus) just because they want to. in a group of monkeys there is usually one or 2 mating males who reproduce with many more females.
Males will definately mate more than twice a year for procreation as it is in their interests to spread their seed as far as physically possible, and many female monkey species mate with as many males as possible therefore leaving all competition to the sperm. this is also not restricted to monkeys.
If you are with someone and know that you get yourself checked before havin unprotected sex and get your new partner to do the same y should it really matter if they had had premarital sex? Im not sure exactly what you are getting at. humans should not have premarital sex as it is not a good idea? well i enjoy premarital sex, I take precautions, i have had sti tests and have never had an sti. why shouldnt I have fun if the precautions are made. and if the precautions arent made then you either have a baby or an STI its not the end of the world.
oh and @chyna – haha

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because married people never get STD’s.~

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@ragingloli I’m not saying they never get STD’s. I’m just saying if two married people were together, never had an STD, never screwed around… then STD’s wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is now.

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@ducky_dnl monkeys also engage in male-male sex play and pay females for sex. Does this mean homosexuality and prostitution are OK?

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If you look at this map, you can see that STD’s have the most prevalence in Africa, the Middle East, and India, all of them quite socially conservative countries and arguably much lower rates of premarital intercourse. By contrast, the industrialised nations which are sexually much more liberal, have lower prevalence of STD’s.
If STD’s were a warning by some deity against premarital sex, the opposite would be the case.

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No, I think it’s a sign we should be responsible for ourselves and not have promiscuous, unprotected sex with people you don’t know well.

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troll troll troll. and probably the reason monkeys have more restraint is because humans and dolphins are the only creatures that have sex for pleasure.

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There has never been a time in han history that some part of the population did not have premarital sex. Never.

STD’s have always existed. It’s not divine retribution.

Unless you are fluid-bonded & trust your mate, use protection. Period.

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@JONESGH Humans and dolphins arent the only ones who have sex for pleasure pigs do too if you are going along that ‘myth’ however it is thought that alot more animals such as cows experience sexual pleasure. (i say ‘myth’ as it has been niether proved nor disproved – I am not saying you are wong that dolphins have sex for pleasure im just saying if its true they are not the only ones)
I know this link is only wiki and can not be presumed to be 100% accurate.
lots of other animals too such as monkeys and even birds etc have been seen to masturbate. this to me implies sexual pleasure or at least a sexual type release for most sexual species that reproduce through copulation.

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Of course not.If everyone were virgins until they were married i’m guessing that would be an awful lot of awkward anti climatic wedding nights.Besides I regularly use restraint while having sex, handcuffs & such like are frequent visitors to the bedroom.

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Yeah and a warning against bad hair.

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Do you think babies are a warning we shouldn’t be having post-marital sex?

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Maybe earthquakes are a sign that we shouldn’t wear cheap shoes or jump around a lot?~

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@janbb the whole point of sex is to make as many babies as possible without having any fun. If you have an orgasm then you’re going to burn in hell.

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No. It means people should be more responsible, use safety measures, and they need to be more educated on the subject, rather than filling their heads with all this bullshit prophet nonsense that’s obviously so responsible for an HIV stricken Africa where Christian propaganda instructs that condoms are the tools of the Devil.

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@Symbeline well that’s only because God hates all africans and non-republicans!~

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@Dr_C God doesn’t like video games either. If I don’t stop indulging in fake death, I’ll end up as a vampire when I die. A liberal vampire with Chlamydia. And dreadlocks.

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Over time, virii and other diseases evolve into some devilishly complex forms (excuse my pun). It turns out that people like having sex (often), making it the perfect medium for a disease, as it allows quick spread and infection (both sexual organs have very direct routes to important parts of the body, and are warm and damp, making it good breeding grounds for nasty things).

In a much more scientific view, these diseases were not “designed” to teach us a lesson not to have unmarried sex, but instead just came about because it was the easiest way to spread.

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What? No.

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You can get some STDs without actual penetration (herpes of the mouth (which can be either HSV1 or 2 these days), crabs, genital herpes, and warts just from skin to skin contact, syphilis from contact with an infectious lesion, etc). So, no STDs have nothing to do with premarital sexual intercourse. They have everything to do with irresponsibility on the part of the people having unprotected sexual intercourse and sexual contact.

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@ducky_dnl where in the bible does it say that sex is supposed to happen between two married people? Where does it say that pre-marital sex is wrong?

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@liminal 1 Cor. 7:2 says “But since there is so much immorality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman her own husband.”

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@netgrrl, hm, it wouldn’t dawn on me to make the “no sex for you” leap (for the unmarried that is). But I suppose I can see why one would. edit: I read the context. I see where ducky gets it now.

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No. You know why? I’ve had premarital sex with people. Yes I have. Now I’m with the person who I am going to spend the rest of my life with and do you know what? I have no STDs! I know, crazy right!?

It’s called protection. Use it.

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If STDs spontaneously appeared on a person after having sex with someone they’re not married to, I’d say that yes it is a warning that premarital sex is bad.

But the STDs come from somewhere. There is an origin, not a magical appearance. It’s a warning to not be stupid about who you sex. Not a warning about not sexing someone you’re not married to.

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I think it’s a sign that people should never have sex!
That’s what I tell my kids.

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@worriedguy Obviously, since you had kids, you didn’t follow your own advice.

I’m sure they’re going to pick up on that…

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@liminal There you go, god is the sex nazi. ~

(Don’t get me wrong. Just because I can quote the bible doesn’t mean I believe it. I think the abstinence programs for young people today are one of the biggest failures out there.)

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A warning from whom? Who has the right to decide what you do with your body, except yourself (and parents for the very young)?

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@ducky_dnl according to the Bible, you can also have sex with your slaves and war captives.

Saying “monkeys” have more restraint than humans… which species of monkeys? I’m pretty sure bonobos don’t (though they’re apes).

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No, only a reason that we must take safety precautions.

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Well in a way yes. Even if you don’t believe in the bible it’s just a good idea.

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@jen157 Why? What is so special about marriage that makes it the point at which sex is acceptable?

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It is my opinion that the “No sex until marriage” was invented by the patriarchy who did not want to share their female property with other men. Add to that the “no sex with men other than your husband” rule. Then it all makes sense.

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