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Who had the best version of this song?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 8th, 2010

Needless to say, Hall and Oates are one of my favorite artists. they have a style all their own and their songs reflect this feeling. i must admit, i did not know that Hall and Oates had the original version of “Everytime You Go Away”. i was only familiar with Paul Youngs version of the song. I have listened to both versions of this song and i love the intro version of Hall and Oates. the guitar and background organ are fantastic. so, which is it? Hall and Oates or Paul Youngs recording of “Everytime You Go Away”?

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This is kind of subjective, isn’t it?

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I think with something like this it often comes down to which version you hear first.

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Definitely he Paul Young version. Hall and Oates are most generally found on my 10 worst bands of all-time list. To each his own.

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Lightlyseared, you may be correct. i have always said that i could make any song a hit, by playing it over and over on the radio. i did this with several songs back in the early 60s and most of the songs made it to the Billboard Top 40 list.

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@john65pennington Don’t you genuinely miss the days where the DJ and not the PD selected the songs to play? And don’t you also miss the regional variety? I can vividly remember the bands that came out of Chicago that no one new of on either coast until they finally got their records played over and over. Bands like Alliota, Jerimiah and Haynes with Lake Shore Drive and the Cryin’ Shames come to mind. Those were the days….when jocks were jocks and teeny boppers admired them almost as much as the recording artists themselves. Oh where are you Larry Lujack?

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Sueanne, yes, those were the days. a dj radio personality was a righteous person in their own respect. Wolfman Jack was the man. his station had the power to light up the skys of the U.S. back in the 60s. his studio was in Texas, but his transmitters were in Mexico without any limitations. he blanketed the United States with the “good stuff”. i listened to him as a teenager and adopted some of his techniques on my radio show in Nashville. great times and great oldies,,,,,,,i love that phrase.

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