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Do you know of a model/brand of earbuds that actually lasts more than just a few months?

Asked by phoebusg (5246points) May 8th, 2010

I spend more on earbuds than music, that is because earbuds go – very often. This is getting old and costly. I’ve tried from the many 20$ pairs to 200$ pairs. Same fate, a channel will go, left or right first. I have a mini “seizure” when that happens and a cloud of disappointment (hehe).

Any relevant feedback will be app-lurve-reciated.

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I use Etymotic, though Sony’s higher-end models last as well.

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I currently use Zune premium headphones, and they have lasted for quite some time. They have a cloth cable and magnetic ends that keep them from tangling.

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Can I ask people to provide basic statistics?

How long did they last, how would you describe your use? Heavy/medium/light?

Cheers! :)

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I would have recommended my sony earbuds if one side didn’t stop working last week.

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I’ve had my V-Moda Vibes for about 9 months now, and they’ve showed no sign of wear. A bit pricy though, and heavy on the bass for the sound. But they’re very durable.

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I ditto Etymotic’s headphones. Here’s the stats: I bought my ER6’s in probably 2005, maybe 2006. I use them every day 2–3 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I frequently throw them in the bottom of my bag, step on them, run them over with my office chair. They’ve been fine.

The only thing that happens to them is that the filters get wax in them, and then you have to replace them. They don’t have to be replaced all that often, but if one ear goes out, it’s usually that.

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@phoebusg My current pair of Etymotic earbuds are still working beautifully, and I’ve used them heavily (i.e. at least 10 hours/day) for 3 years. They’re akin to an older model of their current ER-6 line.

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@grumpyfish Ah, I didn’t even see your response. I agree, the earwax does build up pretty quickly, but that’s really the only issue they have, and it’s a pretty manageable one!

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@phoebusg I’ve had them for eight months; they haven’t been treated kindly either, even though I only use them for a couple hours a week.

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@Akiora 3 years… and a 2nd voter. I’m sold. Time to give them a try. Thank you :)

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I’ve had a pair of v-moda vibe duos for about 2 years (mine has a mic too since I use it for my iPhone too. $100

I don’t know if you want earbuds, but they’re great. 1 yr warranty & I can speak for their customer service. One side started going out at about 10 months & they replaced them immediately.

I use my iPod classic almost daily.

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I’ve got a pair of ear buds I’ve had for 5 years now that cost me £5 from Richer Sounds don’t talk to me about DJ headphones though, I must have spent a small fortune on them over the years, I have learnt that KAM and BEHRINGER end up snapping pretty easy, I’m on a pair of SENNHEISER now that I’ve had for a week and I don’t hold out much hope for them, but they were down from £69 to £18 so I couldn’t not get them. My last pair of snapped KAMS are actually working better for me at the moment.

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Personally, I’ve had decent luck with Koss Plugs/Spark Plugs (same thing, different colors) and they generally only die under conditions that you really wouldn’t expect anything to survive.

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I love my Heartbeats, they cost 99 dollars and I’ve had them since December. I use them heavily and I would say they are much better then any headphones i“ve ever had including the BOSE in ear headphones (they break all the time)

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My Sennheiser MX-660s have lasted me a good year and counting, with almost daily use for at least an hour each day.

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@Cooldil17 Are the heartbeats pretty secure in your ear? I’ve been thinking about getting a pair but I mostly use my ipod at the gym, and I need something that won’t be popping out every five minutes. & Where’d you find them for $99?

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The apple buds that came with my iPhone have lasted a couple years…you spent $200 on ear buds?lol

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@BravesFan The apple earbuds fit comfortably in very few people’s ears, and heavy frequent use (in my experience) eats away at their weak points fairly quickly. Perhaps equally importantly, but not relevant to ths issue at hand, their audio fidelity is atrocious.

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@BravesFan you spent $200 on ear buds?lol

That’s an honest opinion? I’m attempting to answer your ‘question.’ Apologies if I’ve insulted.

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That’s cool

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@meagan my ex got them for me at Hot Topic! I think they usually cost $129. But they have different sized silicone things for your ears and mine fit and stay in perfectly! I use them at the gym, running, cleaning, everything!

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