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Spoilers be here! What did you think of Iron Man 2?

Asked by filmfann (52031points) May 8th, 2010

What would you change about the new IronMan film? What scenes needed to be reworked? Did the movie need improvement?
This will include SPOILERS, so please don’t complain if you read this before seeing the movie.

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Let me start this by saying the birthday party scene, with Tony in the IronMan suit dancing and blowing up bottles was as stupid as the Spiderman 3 scene where he is dancing while walking down the street. Should have stuck that on the DVD extras, not in the film.
Also, where are the scenes from the trailers, where Pepper kisses the mask and throws it out the plane, or his showing ScarJo how to aim the Repulsor ray?

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I agree about the birthday scene. It seemed so silly to me that they were getting all freaked out. Other than that, though, I loved it. I had read mixed reviews one in American Cinematographer and one in the New York Time so both reputable sources but I liked that it was focused on character development. I could see how some people wouldn’t like it because it wasn’t as action-y as the first one but I still liked it. What I didn’t like was how we could barely tell that Pepper and Tony were in a relationship.

Maybe this is blasphemous but I preferred Don Cheadle to Terrence Howard as Rhody.

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I agree about the birthday scene. But overall, I really liked it.

@KatawaGrey I agree about Tony and Pepper. It seemed like when they kissed at the end, it was their first time or something.

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Sam Rockwell’s “Hammer” was flat and unfunny, not to mention plain stupid. I prefer my bad guy competition to be calculating and sly, not borish and foolish.

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@filmfann: Ah, yes, Mr. Rockwell. I love him but I hate his character. I would have been quite happy if Ivan had been the main bad guy without Hammer as the “middleman.”

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I’m sorry… I was too distracted by ScarJo’s outfits and shit blowing up to pay attention to the rest. Considering it’s an action movie I didn’t really expect much by way of award winning scripts or performances. The purpose of these films is to be over the top, stop thinking entertainment. It’s fun and silly and I loved it.

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Im suprised how many people didnt like the birthday scene. My dad felt the same way about it. I dont know, i thought it was kinda needed to show the extent of Starks decline.

My only real gripe is the same gripe i had with the first Iron man. The final “boss battle” was crap. Like wtf you’re building for this moment the whole fucking movie and its over in less than a minute. Boo hiss.

Other than that, i really enjoyed it.

I too thought cheadle was a much better rhody. I really couldnt picture howard as war machine.

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I liked it. The birthday scene pissed me off. I know Stark has money but why does he keep drastically damaging his house ? Thought it was pretty cool while he was getting a can of whoop ass from Rhody . BTW Why did they replace Col. Rhodes ?

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Yea i get that but no matter how rich I got i wouldn’t waste it.

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The answer was more to your question of why did they replace Rhodie.
Terrence Howard, who was the first person signed for the first movie, wanted a fat paycheck.

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Also Don Cheadle is a MUCH better actor.

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OK yea, I just hate it when they change the actors in movies.

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I get that. I hated that they replaced Katie Holmes in the Dark Knight series. The went from the cute Rachel Dawes to the Sad Cartoon Turtle.

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Cute Katie Holmes can’t act for shit. SCT Maggie knows how to emote the tragicness ahead for Rachel.

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I never expected an oscar caliber performance out of either… but at least one was attractive. Plus Maggie only has one face… show no emotion.. she can’t even move half of it! Also… looking like a sad cartoon turtle pretty much negates the drama in any situation.

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well, i didn’t like the replacement rhody because he didn’t ACT like a military man. the first guy soooo pulled it off with flying colors. i loved him. i didn’t like the new guy. he had no personality. just blase black dude.

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