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Is a super-hero who requires a suit for his super-powers really a super-hero?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) May 8th, 2010

I saw Iron Man 2 today and it got me wondering about this. Is Tony Stark really a super-hero? I mean, without the suit he is just a regular guy. I am not a comic book aficionado or anything, but I always figured that in order for someone to rise to the level of super-hero, their powers must be innate, be an actual part of who they are, like Spiderman or Superman or even The Wonder Twins. If the power comes from a suit, can the wearer be considered a super-hero?

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wonder twins comes from a ring, same as green lantern. so that would fall under suit IMO

Yes, theyre still a super hero IMO. They have dedicated their lives to protecting others on a level far exceeding that of your average joe. Sure Tony Stark cant shoot laser beams from his eyes or fly on his own, but hes a fucking genius and he used this genius to build the suit and decided to then use said suit for good.

The suit doesnt make one a super hero, its how one uses the suit. Ya gotta have heart unless your stark that is….

Im curious, how do you feel about Batman or Dare Devil? Neither of them have super powers and arent enhanced by a suit either.

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He built the suit… his intelligence is innate

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@uberbatman I totally forgot about The Wonder Twins ring.

When I was writing this question I was thinking about Batman and Dare Devil. I thought specifically of both of them because I knew neither of them had any extra power. I think of both of them as super heroes because they took the time and effort to hone their skills in order to become super human in a way. In order for Stark to be super human he has to wear a suit.

You arguments in favor of Stark being a super hero make sense. What about Wonder Woman? Didn’t she just have a lasso, cool bracelets, and an invisible jet?

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I have no answer but gave you a GQ.

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@SuperMouse I never really liked wonder woman so i dont feel i can really answer this. But lets take a swing anyway, the main point i was trying to make above, was a fancy suit or some special gear doesnt make you anything special, its how one uses it. Im sure if you gave most people a bitchin lasso and some cool bracelets they wouldn’t do much with it but amuse themselves or possibly go evil with it, it takes a different breed to instead dedicate your life to good and only use these gifts for the benefit of all instead of selfish means. I really think that is what it comes down to in being a super hero. The ability to always put others before you and always protecting no matter what the cost.

IMO Tony Stark is more a super hero than say superman or spiderman Superman was born that way, and spiderman just got bit by a radioactive spider turning him into that. Neither of them really wanted their powers, it just happened. Stark on the other hand dedicated himself to building that suit for the good of the people.

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IRON MAN 2 SPOILER ALERT The arc reactor is a part of him like a prosthetic. And he dealt with Ivan w/o the suit (though he put it on.) Technically, no. I’ve asked myself this question before. Batman and Iron Man don’t have superpowers but if people want to fit them into that category well let them. I’m not a big comic book buff so I don’t have many examples. If you can become a super hero through radiation like Hulk or a spider bite. Why can’t get you kick some ass and earn the title like Iron Man and Batman ?

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