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How do you listen to music?

Asked by Rarebear (25154points) May 8th, 2010

I’m a child of the ‘70s, and I prefer listening to whole albums start to finish. Others listen to play lists of similar music, or just plain shuffle play on their ipod or mp3 player.

Or do you just listen to CDs? Or records? Or 8 track tapes?

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Getting in the obligatory “with my ears”.

I usually shuffle my “top rated” playlist when at school or walking, but if I’m at home or on the bus I often play the albums I like, or just when I can actively listen to them.
I’ll often end up shuffling those top rated albums when I don’t know what to listen to, though, then find a song or band I like and listen to the albums.

Also, it’s mostly CD’s in the car or my iPod or Computer otherwise.

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iPod ftw.

As far as how I listen to stuff on my iPod, I generally steer away from playlists and tend to either go with a single album or artist depending on mood/how much music they’ve put out. When I listen to something, I tend to be obsessive about it, so for instance, Im on a huge Ratatat kick lately since the release of LP4. This is pretty much the only thing I will listen to for a week or two then out of no where i will just move on and most likely not listen to Ratatat again for a couple months.

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@uberbatman LP4 is amazing. “Drugs” is just brilliant. Liked it much more than LP3.

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I’ve been listening to my music exclusively on iPods since I discovered what that were and how great they were a couple of years ago. I alternate between shuffling all my music and moving between my constructed playlists. I don’t think I’ve listened to a CD in a year or more.

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@dverhey I agree, i read a lot of people not liking LP4 and i really cant figure out why. I think neck brace is my favorite song on there, followed by drugs.

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I listen to the radio a lot. When I’m not listening to the radio, I listen to full CDs in my stereo or I listen to playlists on my computer. I actually don’t use my MP3 player at all.

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Usually on the computer, since my MP3 player was a rip-off. Sometimes I’ll listen to one band. Usually, though, I’ll have it on shuffle. On, I’ll type in a random word or phrase I think of, & see what pops up.

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Its CDs (never shuffled) and cassettes for me… on a stereo… occasionally I listen to a CD on my computer but the sound quality is always disappointing… I have never downloaded music, do not own an MP3 player and to be perfectly honest, have never seen one, neither have I laid eyes on an iPod. Yes it’s true, I was born in 1960… not that I’m in any way apologising for that ;)

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@Adagio Cassettes! Wow! I still have a box of cassettes that I never listen to. (BTW, I was born in ‘64, so I can relate).

@Seaofclouds I don’t listen to the radio much any more as I podcast a lot. That way I listen to what I want to.

I was just thinking about it because I just downloaded a Porcupine Tree album, and I listened to it from start to finish with no shuffle. But the mere fact that I “downloaded” an album is new to me. I usually go to the record store and shop for used CDs.

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In terms of non-classical music, I never listen to full albums. Sometimes I’ll listen to a collection of songs by the same artist, but I never listen to full albums. If I don’t like a song enough, I won’t listen to it. And I think this is because I’m a classical fan at heart. With classical, I’ll play through a full symphony or piano concerto even if I find the second movement boring. I’ll still listen to it. I don’t do that with non-classical music. Usually I just play music randomly from my mix CDs, which are also random (they’re organized chronologically by when I discover the song).

I’ll listen to somewhat random selections of classical music as well, but I also will play through full concertos, sonatas, and symphonies. If I have a lot of time on my hands, I’ll listen to a full ballet or opera.

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When I first buy an album I’ll always listen to it in order from start to finish.
When I’m on the go, I’ll just pick & choose songs through my iPod, but when I’m home I just like to put in a CD and play it out loud through the stereo, unshuffled (or just use my laptop as a stereo).
I can’t stand when I go to places with kids my age and they spend have the time picking out songs to play or going through a million different playlists and I just wanna say “Christ, just put on a CD and leave it alone!” I guess I’m old school in that way.
In my car, I just leave it on one station on the XM radio (worth every penny of the subscription fee. <3 )

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I just shuffle through my hip-hop, rap, and r&b collection on my iPod. On iTunes though, when i’m listening to music on the computers. I usually listen to whole albums.

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I listen to it any way I can.CD’s,cassettes,MP3,radio and sometimes live.Many of my family members play instruments so that is always fun to listen to :)

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CDs, MP3s and vinyl.
I always use my PC to listen music.

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I love CDs but cant find them at some stores.So I just let iTunes play in whatever order it wants to sometimes.

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I got a legal 120 gb mp3 collection. Converted all my stuff. 4 gb carry me through a month of daily commutes

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loud and proud haha.The only way to listen to CDs.And the radio.

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I like to listen to music when I’m driving, preferably not in start-and-stop traffic. I listen to music at other times too, but there’s something about driving and listening to music at the same time that affects me differently…

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