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How come people don't say "thank you" anymore?

Asked by Roughdraft76 (219points) March 13th, 2008

I often hold a door open when I am entering or exiting an establishment for the next person. Very rarely does the person thank me as if though they expect and deserve my consideration. It frustrates me that society has become this rude and makes me want to stop being so courteous. I’ve found myself lately saying “You’re Welcome!” to the impolite individuals, which totally contradicts the whole principle of the thought.

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I say it all the time—even multiple times during a transaction, such as the DD drive-through getting my morning latte.

I have seen how people act surprised when my son or I will hold the door open for them, and they do say thank-you most of the time.

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Yeah, I agree with you totally. I say “You’re welcome,” too. Fvckers.

I also like to follow up unrequited greetings or requests with ”... or not.”

“Hello! ...or not.”

Makes me feel better, if anything.

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I am a total door holder. Male or female, I will hold it for you. Even if it you are getting out of your car and it takes two minutes to get to the door.

I get a thanks or nod 90% of the time. I live in hippietown Oregon right now, I would expect different results in southern California.

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in Texas, people have never left me hangin’... always get a thank you for door-holdin’.

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I can so relate to this! Don’t you just hate it when you let someone into your lane and they don’t give you the curtosy wave? The reason being that some people are inconsiderate, ungrateful terds that prefer to be jerks rather than say a simple “thank u”.

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I worked at Starbucks for close to two years, they train you to say “thank you” no matter what the customer says. If we say “you’re welcome” we lose “points.”

I have never said “your welcome” again. :D

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Yeah, I mean they clearly see you standing there trying to do them a favor, a good deed and BAM!...might as well had just took the door from me, shoved me back in, and slammed it in my face.

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You should meet me! I always say thank you and smile :)

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let it go-the idea of reciprocation, and the door; you’ll be happier and it’ll shake them up!

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if someone were to cut in front of me in traffic and not wave, I would get under him, get him loose, and put him in the wall.

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I do, but thank you for asking!!! It may be a regional thing. Living in Marin County I heard thanks your quite often. But then when I moved to San Francisco, people would look at me like I had two heads whenever I said thank you!!! I also didn’t hear it anywhere near as often.

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People don’t say thank you anymore, or yes man or sir or please because they are not taught to at home. I may be wrong, but I feel good manners are hard to find in people these days.

When I do something courteous for someone, I realize my kindness may not change them, but I will not let their lack of manners change me either. I will continue to be a polite and courteous person, because that is how I was raised. That is how I raise my daughter, and it makes me a happier person, even if someone else is rude.

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This kills me and it happens all the time. Lack of manners, sense of entitlement, not knowing any better… It happens for any number of reasons and it’s kinda depressing.

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move to the south. thank you and
curtosy waves are regular occurances. That would frustrate me if I didn’t receive a thank you from holding the door… No curtosy wave would just piss me off.

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