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How about wishing all the Fluther Mothers a Happy Mother's Day?

Asked by janbb (57754points) May 9th, 2010

Here’s to Auggie and Jeruba,
to RedPowerLady too,
to Miss Austen,
and, of course, casheroo!

To jonsblond and squirrel,
hearkat and liminal,
And all of you others,
whom I’ve forgotten
– it’s criminal!

Happy Mother’s Day
to all,
May your day be a bright one,
And if you pee in the night time,
be sure to leave the light on.

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Happy Mother’s Day, @augustlan! ♥

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful Mamas here on Fluther..

I have a lot of respect for you all!!

And to my own Mom, I love you and miss you so much. Mom, the lilacs are out, and so are the lily of the valley, the sun is shining and your crapapple tree is filled with gorgeous pink blooms. I can hear your wind chimes singing as I type. Your grandkids are getting so big. I wish that you were here to see it all. I wish that I could give you the biggest hug, Mom. You gave the best hugs.

Next Friday is my birthday. I was born on Mother’s Day.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the jelly moms too! Thanks @janbb!

I got breakfast in bed, sweet cards, and a ginormous Nerf dart gun that shoots up to 3 darts a second! Who needs flowers or jewelry when you can shoot your husband and children without legal ramifications?

Later we’re having a family cookout with the in-laws, where we’ll all eat too much, have cake, and maybe I’ll shoot my mother-in-law with my new Nerf gun. ;)

May you all have such a joyous day as well!

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the wonderful Jelly/Flutherite/mom’s here in the collective!

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, love, perseverance, and compassion that you put forth each and every day in taking care of your families.

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Happy Mothers Day, you Mother Fluthers.

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My son who just moved back to the East Coast is home to celebrate and also to move some of his shit out! Best Mother’s Day gift of all! Oh – and I also got flowers, cards and a Barnes and Noble gift card. His girlfriend is coming over for a bagel brunch.

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My daughters family is 1,300 miles away, I got their flowers yesterday.
All three of my sons are home with me today.
It’s a nice day.

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Oh and @janbb, my number one son is moving three storage bins of his “shit” out of my attic as well today!!!

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Happy Mother’s Day to you too! And all the other Fluther Mothers!

btw, the only person (in real life..not internet) to tell me happy mother’s day so far has been the cashier at Starbucks. At least you all remembered!

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@casheroo Happy Mother’s Day to you! It’s hard having two little ones. and this is why we don’t pay attention to holidays and expect to be told nice things all the time because these days can be forgotten and the sentiment should be there all year around

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Fluther Mothers!

I got a call at midnight from my husband wishing me a happy mother’s day and he also sent flowers. This morning I’ve gotten calls from my mom, my brother, and my sister-in-law. My son says I get to relax today and he’ll do everything for me (we’ll see how that goes).

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Have a great Mothers day Fluther Mothers!!

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I hope all you mother Fluthers are having a great day!

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Happy mothers day Fluther moms!

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Here’s to janbb, poet extraordinaire! And here’s to the Fluther Mothers.

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To my brothers from a Fluther mother..

(sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Happy Mothers’ Day!!

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And Happy Mama’s Day to all the mothers here, too! May we all get long, hot baths and someone else to wash the dishes!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all our mommies!

@Fly Thanks, daughter of mine! :D

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Happy Mother’s Day, Jelly moms!

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Happy Mothers Day to all the Flutherites, but especially to all the new mothers we had last year!
Bless you all!

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So many good memories of my Mom. I was telling my girlfriend this morning, when we were talking about our first drinking experiences. I was 15 and at a friend’s house party. My boyfriend at the time was making the drinks for me. We were drinking Apple Jacks which is Jack Daniels and apple juice. He filled up three of those large Big Gulp cups with Apple Jack. Way more Jack D. than apple juice. We were in pretty rough shape by the end of the night. He, of course, couldn’t drive me home, so, he called me a cab. The cabbie picked me, took me home and helped me to the door. I saw that my parent’s had a campfire going in the backyard (everyone had gone in and was asleep) and that there were coals still burning in the fire pit. I quietly went inside and grabbed the bag of marshmallows. I searched around outside for a poker, got my marshmallows (all 5) suited up on the poker, then placed it right down in where the coals were. I was quite inebriated, so, I was swaying forward towards the fire pit, then back. I’m lucky that I didn’t end up falling into the fire pit. :) I then proceeded to burn my marshmallows until they were black (with a bit of yummy ash from the pit) and popped all five into my mouth. Off to bed I went.

Around 4 in the morning, my stomach started to ache. It woke me up out of a drunken sleep. I then was off to the loo and upchucked part of my Apple Jack and bits of my blackened marshmallow. I was in there for a good 40 minutes. Then, I crawled back to bed and my head hit the pillow pretty hard.

Next thing I know, it’s 8 in the morning and my Mom is in my tiny bedroom and is vacuuming the carpet. She vacuumed along side my bed right up by my head. I woke up from sleep, mumbling in discomfort and all that I heard her say (after she turned off the vacuum for a few seconds) was “I have no sympathy for you”. Then she turned the vacuum back on and continued vacuuming.

I didn’t get a lecture, really, nor a grounding. By simply doing what she did, she got her message across loud and clear. Basically, I was responsible for my own actions (stupidity) and now I had to suffer the consequences.

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To all the mothers- Happy You Day!

To all my sisters fighting to become mothers- don’t give up and don’t forget you are still loved.

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Happy happy mother’s day to every mother here on fluther! I read my mother the poem and she chuckled. To those of you with little ones who don’t understand the concept of mother’s day, someday they will be old enough to make you a good breakfast and take you out to a movie!

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@KatawaGrey Or have a girlfriend come over who tells you to sit down while she does the dishes. She’s a keeper!

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n’aawwwww, what a sweet poem!

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Happy mother’s day!!!!!! (I haven’t read through the thread but did anyone mention @Dog)?

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Yes, Happy Mother’s Day everyone. My daughter phoned me from Greece at 10 last evening to say happy mother’s day (collect)!

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@Dr C I wanted to rhyme Auggie and Doggie but wasn’t sure if Dog had kids.

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@janbb yup.. she’s a momma. And a great one at that.

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Happy Mothers Day to all of you @janbb… Thank you for putting it out there. Have a great day everyone.

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Happy Mothers Day ladies. <3

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the fluther mothers! :)

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My Mom’s favorite (London Cast).

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Thank you, And a great B I G HAPPY, HAPPY to everyone who ever had a mother.

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I hope everyone has an amazing Mother’s Day. And I know, for some, this a very hard day, when they’ve lost their mom, or if they have bad memories of their mom. I hope they can still make this day into a good day. I hope everyone remembers to show their mom some thankfulness.

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Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope all you Fluther mums had a great day, and may we continue to celebrate the hard work of child-care givers everywhere, all year round!

Seeing as it was Parent’s Day here in South Korea, my husband and I got to celebrate together. We treated ourselves to a nice meal out – mmmm, yay!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers here on fluther. Your children are still fortunate to have you as their mom.

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Yes, absolutely. Here’s one of the most beautiful German Mother Day poems:

Zum heutigen frohen Feste wünsch ich von Herzen dir das Schönste und das Beste und deine Liebe mir. Nimm meinen Wunsch aus reinem Sinn und treuer Liebe freundlich hin!

Du sagtest oftmals “tu dies nie” und legtest Pflaster auf mein Knie. Du hast mit mir geweint, gelacht und mir gleich wieder Mut gemacht. So ist vergangen Jahr um Jahr, heute hast du graues Haar, Dankbarkeit, sie bleibt besteh’n, auch wenn die Wege weitergeh’n.

Liebe Mutter, nun hab acht, was ich dir als Geschenk gebracht. Gewünscht hast du’s schon lange dir, so nimm es freundlich an von mir. Es mag dir lieb und nützlich sein und beim Gebrauch gedenke mein.

Du hast Frühstück gemacht und trotz deiner Sorgen mit uns gescherzt und gelacht, so war es schon am Morgen. Du hast uns pünktlich geweckt und hättest schlafen können, du hast uns Geld zugesteckt, um uns zu verwöhnen.

Nicht nur am Muttertag woll’n wir daran denken, wir wollen Tag für Tag dir uns’re Liebe schenken. Ein Kleinod ist das allerbest’, das pfleg’ ich wohl und halt es fest und halt’ es hoch in Ehren, das ist die Mutterliebe gut, die gibt mir immer neuen Mut in allen Lebensschweren.

Und ist dein Herz so freudenleer und ist dein Aug’ so tränenschwer, blick’ in ihr Aug’ hinein, das hat gar lichten, hellen Strahl und trocknet die Tränen allzumal wie Frühlingssonnenschein.

So gern hätt’ ich ein schönes Lied gemacht von deiner Liebe, deiner treuen Weise, die Gabe, die für and’re immer wacht, hätt’ ich so gern geweckt zu deinem Preise.

Doch wie ich auch gesonnen mehr und mehr und wie ich auch die Reime mochte stellen, des Herzens Fluten wallten darüber her, zerstörten mir des Liedes zarte Wellen.

So nimm die einfach schlichte Gabe hin, von einfach ungeschmückten Wort getragen, und meine ganze Seele nimm darin, wo man am meisten fühlt, weiß man nicht viel zu sagen.

Mütter heben 100 Hände, sie sind immer da und man braucht sie Tag für Tag, selbst in Afrika. Muss ich mal zum Zahnarzt gehen, geht die Mutti mit, möchte ich den Zirkus sehen, erfüllt sie meine Bitt’!

Bin ich krank, misst sie mein Fieber, streichelt mir das Haar, hab ich Mutti darum lieber als im letzten Jahr? Sie verzeiht mir meine Streiche lächelnd und ich weiß, gäb’s für Mütter einen Orden, kriegte sie den 1. Preis!

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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