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If you could choose between your s/o and all your friends, who would win?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) May 9th, 2010

Personally, I would choose my s/o over anything.
Others feel their friends are more important.

Who would you choose and why?

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My wife is No.1, the man, the big banana, the cool dude in my life. in my line of work, its almost impossible to find friends you can trust. i can and have trusted only my wife for the 44 years we have been married.

So, today, i am telling the world, through your question, that i wish my wife a happy Mothers Day to the lady i have trusted with my everything, for many, many years.

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@john65pennington Such a nice answer John.

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My so is my best friend. by choosing all other mates over him wouldnt be cutting out my boyfriend but cutting out the only person who truely gets me at the momnent.
I am only young mind, and wierdly I wouldnt want him to make the same choice as me, he needs his mates alot more than i need mine.

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@bongo That’s really sweet of you, thanks.

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My SO is my best friend. If I was forced to choose I would choose him. Luckily, I am not forced to choose as we all coexist happily.

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My husband is my best friend. He knows me better than anyone else and gets me like no one else ever has. I’d choose him over anyone else without a doubt. Luckily, none of my friends or my husband would ever put me in the position to choose one over the other.

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@Seaofclouds That is a great answer thanks.

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My S.O., because he is always going to be my bestfriend.

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Neither! I trust no one! I don’t even trust myself….. Sad huh!! :-/ still it would be nice to have that special someone, I have many friends but trust?? No way, Lol…..

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Depends on who is making there need to be a choice, and why, and what this “all” my friends is about.

For example, if an SO is insisting all my friends are bad, then either the SO or I have been a bad judge of who to be friends with, or at least we have very different ideas about it. That really needs to be understood and addressed.

If on the other hand, the “all” friends is actually a group of friends who “don’t like” the SO, I would look at what that is about, and again see why I feel one way and they another. It could for instance be that I am being hypnotized by someone manipulative, or have other “radar” issues. OR, it could be that I am complaining to the friends and just getting sympathy that has them feel that way. Or maybe that group of friends is jealous or prejudiced in ways that I can now see, and maybe I had them be my friends for the wrong reasons – e.g. maybe they are taking advantage of me and don’t want to lose me as a resource.

Or maybe I crave attention and create drama between friends and lovers.

Or whatever. Depends, but it’s a great opportunity to see something about one’s own choices of friends and lovers. There’s probably something you haven’t known about yourself, and this gives you a chance to see it and then do something new, if you want.

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I just started seeing my first boyfriend. Even though we’ve been talking a lot, and I like what I hear. I’ll always choose my bestfriend. (:

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I wouldn’t be able to choose between my husband and my best friend and that’s an honest answer.

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Awkward equation the result of which would be, friends can go fuck themselves while I go fuck the wife.No contest really ;¬}

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S/O, because my best friend would understand. Though that’s not a choice I’d ever want to have to make.

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Always my SO without any doubt. He is also my best friend.
My friends know how I feel, and would never ask me to choose, nor would I ever put myself in a position where I would have to choose.

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My SO would definitely win; he’s my best friend. Turns out I’m not great at having friends.

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My SO is also one of my two best friends. It would be very difficult to choose between him and her. Thank God he and I friends with the same group of people from high school and still are…

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My s/o is my best friend.

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This is an interesting question. Would you give up having one person as your significant other if it meant that you could never have any other friends? You would be socially isolated completely except for that person right? Like both of you would be complete and total social outcasts- like Bonnie and Clyde or something. Or am I reading this too literally?

I think if I had to choose between loving one specific person and loving everyone more generally (and the only other option was to be an outcast)- I would choose to to love everyone and be accepted in society. I might be in the minority here.

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s/o #1! Why..she is my #1 friend!

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My Wolf & Kitten over everyone. Other friends are too transitory.

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Why? Because he’s all I need.
‘Nuff said.

Plus my friends have proved to be pretty shitty friends when I really need them.

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Sofie… this is a very troubled question. I am worried about you. Why must you choose? Does HE demand it? (you choose)... does HE test you? You need good friends to stay healthy. Some girls will stick to a man even sitting on his lap while in the electric chair. Agh! Remember we are your friends here.

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I gotta go with ma girls… Boys will come and go, but I’ll always have my childhood best friends.
(I suppose the fact that I’m not married to him and that we only have been together a few months affects my answer a great deal.)

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I wouldn’t be with someone or want to be friends with someone who would want me to have to make that choice. I love my SO and I love my friends, the few that I have. I also trust my closest friends and my SO

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As said previous to me, I would chose my handsome man over my friends because in all honesty, he IS my best friend, the closest person to me.
He has not left me for another friend, he has proved faithful, he has not hurt my feelings or put me down, he has put up with my slight insanity, and has spoiled me rotten.
As for my friends, I don’t trusts any of them as much as I do my man. Though I will admit my friends are beautiful and have given me wonderful memories and have helped me through a lot of troubles. . . I would still have to say:

My man > Friends

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I don’t really have m/any friends, but even if I did my SO would win hands down.

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Why would I want to choose??

I need my friends when the boyfriend pisses me off haha, but I need him when the world pisses me off, he always knows how to make it right :D

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My husband of 35 years is my best, most trusted friend in my life. Everyone else is chopped liver.

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My wife is my best friend and she is top priority. I would never place a friend’s needs over hers.

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My SO is my best friend.

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@Tomfafa No, he doesn’t make me choose! I have no friends anyway. But yes I would sit on the electric chair with him. When people ask a question, why does the question have to be about the asker?

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I would choose my SO over pretty much anyone else in my life under normal circumstances. He’s not only my partner but he’s also my best friend. If it was a serious relationship and the SO was a decent partner (ie: not abusive in any way) I would expect most people to choose their SO over other people in their lives (apart from their children obviously) as, I for one, wouldn’t choose to spend my life with someone that wasn’t the most important person in the world to me.

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@Leanne1986 Thank you. I think you have a great relationship and a great man, and he is lucky to have you.

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@Sophief I’m lucky to have him :)

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Let me say this Sophie… oops. But remember this, we are your friends here and we all love you. If you are hurt… we are hurt. I’m sure I speak for many, if not all!

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Him. I would miss having friends but…oh wait all my friend are 2000 miles away anyhow. Not too hard of a choice I guess.

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@deni Time and Space mean nothing in the www. Real touching is icky!

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