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Is it possible to find your true love in a dream?

Asked by squidcake (2636points) May 9th, 2010

So, last night I had one of the most detailed dreams I’ve ever had. In it, I was starting college (which I will be doing in the fall) and moving into the dorms. For whatever reason my parents were not there so I was moving in alone.
Apparently the college had made some mistake because in the room I was assigned was a young man (and I’m a girl).
I can even remember every detail of his face perfectly.
He smiled and pointed to something that was written on a whiteboard on the wall (don’t remember what it said). I responded by writing something else on the whiteboard, and he laughed.
Then he started speaking Spanish, but I understood perfectly.
He told me he was from Ecuador and we just talked for what seemed like hours. His name was Myas (I know, weird name).
A lot of other things happened but between that I was moved to a different room, thinking I’d never see him again. Then I just opened a random door, and there he was, waiting for me.
He took my hand and said he was going to take me somewhere.

Then I woke up, God damn it.
Could this dream mean anything? I’m not usually one to read into dreams like that but I’ve never had a dream like this before.

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Sometimes I wonder if there is more to dreams than most people think, but as far as I know you can only wonder and hope to get back to that dream again.

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I guess we’ll see in the Fall – keep us posted!

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I think the dream respresents some of what you hope for in the fall, such as the moving into the dorms, making a connection with your roommate, having close friends, and being happy. Whether it’s a sign of things to come or just wishful thinking, I’d enjoy the dream and just focus on making the most of your move (whether Myas is there or not). :)

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I agree with @Seaofclouds. You could think of Myas’s welcome as a message from the world you’re about to embrace. I love it that he said he was going to take you somewhere. It’s true.

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Note from the cynic: Remember that college is long. The people you meet on the first day you might know ten years later and they might be the most important people in your life or many of them you will have forgotten. Dating early on on freshman hall is pretty common but also has a tendency to be a little short lived. That being said- I hope this dream has foretold the future- it’s very specific. To your question: I think it might be possible to realize that you love someone in a dream or at least when you are about to go to sleep. But usually you’ve met that person already.

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I had dreams where I was in love, and it was real love. It was when I was in my mid-teens I had them frequently. At most, it’s the mind preparing you for falling in love with someone in the same way we (and animals) have frequent nightmares as children to prepare us for stressful occasions.

Love is a real emotion, even though it is so significant. The human mind can be “tricked” into feeling it. You’ll probably be under your dream’s spell for months.

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This is way too easy! From now on you must dress like a girl (and be a girl) Change your name to Telulah. Telulah Lovelips. Wait for a handsome latin man to take you in his arms and be so excited that he forgets how to speak english! Say… ai poppy! You will be happy!

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Hah, that made me giggle. :)
Thanks for the thoughtful answers everyone.

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I don’t believe that dreams mean anything. To directly answer your question, no you can’t find your true love in a dream unless you only exist in the dream as well.

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I do not know about this dream, though I must say I lurve @susanc ‘s answer, but I do know that from the time I was ten I have known how I would recognize the love of my life. I dreamed of him, journaled about him, day-dreamed about him, and from the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew who he was. He turned out to have the exact characteristic I knew he would. So who knows, this dream of yours could really mean something! I really hope it does and would love for you to keep us posted!

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Anything can happen, nothing is impossible.

I’m interested in how things will work out for you. :)

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I fell in love with a girl in my dreams when I was younger. I was a little obsessed with her for awhile. We dated awhile. It faded.

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@SuperMouse That sounds like a bit self fulfilling. If you are constantly on the search for a “certain” guy, you’ll find yourself in places where that kind of guy shows up and eventually you are likely to run into him. Which is not to say that I’m not happy for you, or that its a bad way to do things, but if I had to guess, I’d say it was less about knowledge and more about determination.

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@roundsquare well considering I was married to a different man (without the quality I knew my true love would have) and in a completely monogamous relationship with my husband for over 20 years, there is no way I could say I was “on the search” for a certain guy. During the years I was married I was determined to stay married not search for another man. As a matter of fact this guy was in my consciousness now and then over the years, but I had pretty much forgotten he was out there until I actually met him. Once I saw him I knew it was him, but until then it was just an old idea that I gave very little thought and when I did think about it, it was forgotten as soon as the thought appeared.

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I’m not sure about love but… judging from the woodies I awake with, I say lust is a definite possibility!

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No. You find true love in an imperfect reality able to accept an imperfect partner.

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@mattbrowne Wow, that is a heavy reality!

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I like that, actually.
I may quote you on that in the future if you don’t mind. :)

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@SuperMouse…I absolutely understand what you wrote…and am glad you shared that lovely story. Sometimes we have dreams and forget about them, until they come true.:)

Makes a lot of sense to me.

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My mom once prayed many years ago, mind for a vision of her future husband. She got one: a view of my dad at their wedding, taken from behind him. She didn’t pay it any mind until she actually got married, years and years later, and happened to find herself at that same angle.

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@Nullo Good thing she didn’t get a vision of you… she might have skipped the wedding!

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* Well when I was younger I had this dream of this foreign man, it was DIFFERENT but so damn romantic! He was my true love everything was soooo perfect*, I remember everything but I thought his name was like Shamoo or something. Anyways I was working in Moore and I was picking up a co-worker and dropping her off in Midwest City off of Douglas and 10th in Oklahoma, “the hood” and we went to this store to get some gas and smokes, she went in and got the smokes, and got the wrong ones, so I went in to switch it, and there he was…... we just stood there and looked at each other and smiled. It was honestly love at first site. I got the things I needed and left, I didn’t know what to do you know so I went and dropped o’girl off. The whole JOURNEY of dropping her off I just kept thinking about him, so before I went home ’’‘I went back’”. Told him I forgot something which I didn’t and he was begging me to go home with him and hang out. He was like, “I get off in 5 minutes,” I was like “no, we can set up a day to hang out you know,” I didn’t know this guy, you know….. He said his name was Sean and we made plans to hang out like a week from then, well I showed up a couple days before then and asked this older foriegn lady who was working if Sean was going to come in and the lady told me that she didn’t know a Sean, when I started explaining the guy she said, ”—Oh, you mean Parmeshwar—.” I was irritated cause I thought he lied to me, and I blew him off, a couple days later I needed a ciggerate, but I didn’t want to see him, cause it was awkward, I done found out he lied about his name and blew him off, so I went to the store across the street, and guess who worked there as well, Sean. We said hi to each other and I was on my way out and he stopped everything he was doing to come ask me to hang out with him that night. I asked why he lied about his name he replied, “Can you say Parmeshwar?” Which he was right it took me like 2 weeks before I got it down. So I showed up after he closed and followed him to his house, we hung out and talked forever, then I went home. I became addicted to seeing him and his personality. So anyways Sean and I have been together ever since and the love I feel for him is the love I felt for him in my dreams, I tell him all the time I dreamed of you when I was younger, but I don’t think he believes me cause you know whats the chances of that? But it is beautiful. SO YES IT IS POSSIBLE!

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