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Within the context of Christianity and biblical literature, using pure speculation, how do you think all things related to religion, history, and modern-day life would have played out if Eve was created before Adam?

Asked by prolificus (6540points) May 9th, 2010

This is not a discussion about “Adam was created before Eve, which is why men have always been dominate” or “Eve was created first, but because men have always been dominate, the truth has never been told,” or any variation of these arguments.

Hypothetically speaking, if Eve was created before Adam, how would have this affected the world as we know it (or any aspect thereof)?

Is it possible, within the context of Christianity and biblical literature, Eve was created before Adam, but the truth has been rewritten? If so, is there any factual evidence supporting this possibility?

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Feminist theology and creation accounts
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Men would have been the oppressed gender throughout human history, all prophets, kings, etc, would have been women, Jesus would have been a chick and God would be a woman, too and men would be sent to the kitchen to make a sammich.

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Multitasking would be monopolised further than it already is.

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I don’t necessarily think that men would have been the oppressed gender. I think that the bible would have been written slightly differently. I think it would have been written that the first being god created was imperfect woman so he created a second one closer to perfection man.

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Women wouldn’t be held to the sexual double standards they are currently held to. Too many men and she is a slut to be ridiculed. Too many women and he is a Casanova, hear hear to the legendary lover.

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Does it matter? What really matters is that we humans have a memory that goes way back… all the way back! Too bad we didn’t learn shit from it.

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I doubt it would have changed anything, even in non-religious or “pagan” lands, men dominated. On the whole, men are generally stronger than women, things changed when strength was no longer a necessary trait.

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Sounds like a term paper assignment at mt.holyoak college for girls.

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Women would have one less rib and men one more.

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Nothing would have been different if nothing else in the Bible was changed. Why would it?

Adam could have been made from Eve’s rib, but Yahweh would still give Moses laws codifying the value of women as property of their fathers’ and husbands, and Paul would have said Christ is the head of man as man is the head of women.

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@Qingu I would tend to agree. I say the story is just another way to subjugate women.

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Eve was in fact created long before Adam. But 1.5 billion years ago Eve invented an ingenious health insurance plan for her children and decided to have sex with Adam. Instead of a few paltry mutations, a whole new set of genetic possibilities opened up. So powerful that we still enjoy sex today.

The original Eve is still within all of us powering our cells. She requires no Adam.

The myth did not develop to find another way to subjugate women. The myth is about human psychology.

I’ve shared this before and the interpretation that makes most sense to me is the following:

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing knowledge, in fact, it’s great. But Adam and Eve and all the rest of us have to leave the paradise. When we seek knowledge, we will also discover the ugly parts.

A modern variation of the theme is part of ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G. Wells. The Eloi live in a (temporary) kind of paradise. To remain in this paradise they show no interest in knowledge at all. The time traveler discovers that none of the books in the old library has ever been opened. He wants them to pursue knowledge, but this means they will have to leave the paradise. And they will find ugliness.

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@mattbrowne I love you brother but I have no ugly parts!

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She would have owned the place when he arrived. He would have been kept so busy taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, hanging shelves, painting the bedroom, fixing the toilet, trimming the shrubs, and zipping her up, that when they finally got kicked out of Eden, he wouldn’t have had a chance to develop his hunting skills and they’d soon starve. And that would have been the end of that.

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Why would anything change? Once man was created he’d just threaten to beat Eve up if she didn’t acquiesce to his demands. That’s how men have always dominated women and children.

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