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Is Fluther becoming more right wing?

Asked by gemiwing (14708points) May 9th, 2010

I’ve noticed the tone of Fluther seeming to lean more right lately. When I first came here it seemed most of the viewpoints were more liberal (non-political meaning) and more leftist in view. In the past three months it seems that Fluther has begun to have more right wing viewpoints. (If one can argue we are part of a collective and not individuals)

whether that’s good or bad is another discussion. I’d really rather not have this turn into a debate of whether it’s good or not

Has anyone else noticed this? Do you have a theory of why that is? Or do you think Fluther is leaning more left or not at all compared to six months ago?

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I have noticed an increase of both sides, and fewer in the center.
The perception of going more conservative may be in the repression of humor on the site. Lack of humor seems to be an affliction of the Right.

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Lack of humor is sadly, a burdensome cross to bear IMO.

Otherwise I do not feel I can comment with any real credability as I am only 2 months in, so to speak, on Fluther.

I can only speak for myself, apolitical in general, humorous to a fault and pretty damn well adjusted. I call myself a non-conformist of high integrity and always try to keep an open mind.

I think attaching labels to anyone automatically results in bias.

Now that I have disclosed my overall ‘could care less’ political POV, uh oh…betcha there will be plenty that will jump into autopilot dismissal, or worse…form biased and negative opinions of the totality of me.

Oh well. lol

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I haven’t noticed this phenomenon, but I can theorize:

Most communities I frequent on the internet are almost uniformly liberal, perhaps because it’s the young and the idealistic (and I count myself in this group) that tend to be most active on the internet. Or maybe I just end up seeking out similar people.

As Fluther has grown perhaps it has found a way to attract people beyond the usual ‘internet demographic’ (described above), and so we get a greater variety of viewpoints and people from more walks of life.

I don’t know how well this theory matches up to Fluther, though, especially considering it’s always been diverse since I’ve joined. The age range here is huge, whereas most sites I go to people are generally under thirty.

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Thank you all for answering and not falling into trap of ‘right vs wrong’. I truly appreciate it and value your input.

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I don’t assign right or left to the questions and answers. I don’t see the point.

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GA @YARNLADY I’m trying hard not to fall into the assignment trap myself. I have to be honest and say it’s not entirely working!

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We do have more right-leaning members than we’ve had in the past. Another Q & A website that some members migrated from had a fairly right-tilted community, while others joined on their own. I’m also inclined to think that once the right-leaning folks realized they were in an extremely liberal community (even compared to the internet as a whole) and found one another here, they actively began to back each other up. So, instead of a lone voice among many, it’s become more like a small block of voices among a bigger block of voices. All in all, I think that’s probably a good thing.

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The tighter social controls—that is a Bendrew decision—and tight social controls always seemed to be more of a right-wing thing. So I am really puzzled. Our the founders changing with their success, or because they think that is necessary for increased success?

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@anartist The latter, for sure.

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@augustlan I still find it very disappointing and hope they don’t expunge their charming history in the process.
That is why I am here. I can just google for answers.

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Well, there are definitely, at least it seems as such to me, more liberal viewpoints on here, also, many more atheists, but I don’t think that this characterizes the community enough on its own to say that whatever potential influx of right wingers or fundamentalist Christians drastically swerves the whole ’‘flair’’ around.
There’s a lot of different things to talk about on here, and in fact, political and religious discussion around here seems extremely minimal (But a lot more intelligent.) than most online communities I know of.

Also, much like @YARNLADY said, I don’t really tend to attach such things to every single mindframe, opinion or point of view that I see on here, so I guess I never really thought of it, despite the prominent illustrating that these terms often seem to create on online communities.

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Rigidity, closed mindedness and mega logic is a vacuum that is self sealing IMO.

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@Coloma- Thank you for answering, but I’m confused as to what you mean. How do those things relate to the question? I’m a bit sick today so I’m a tad slow!

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—Oh, well..I am a bit non-linear at times, haha
I was just sharing a thought related to the rigidity of many right wing types, per anartists post.

Feel better! :-)

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It’s all relative. I’ve seen more conservative points of view here, but very few, if any, rabidly right-wing howls and rants. I think they’re all over at Askville at the moment.

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I think it is more in the changes made to Fluther, brought about by complaints of people [new people?] who were acting a little too tight-assed. People come here to enjoy it, not force it to “clean up its act.”

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Excellent point, no one wants to me monitored out of personal expression as long as it doesn’t deteriorate into major abuse.

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Conservative, yes. Right wing? No. There are very few exceptions.

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That will be the day.

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