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New laptop, need software?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) May 9th, 2010

I just got a new laptop.
What is some free essential software that I can download?
(include link)

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Perhaps you could offer some information as to what the laptop will be used for? I wouldn’t recommend a photoshop alternative, for example, to someone not interested in photoediting.

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Mac or PC would help.

Also, I’m not really a fan of loading your PC or Mac with software unless you explicitly need or could use it. What is it you’re interested in, or what do you do?

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If it didn’t come with production software, download OpenOffice. Avast is a good anti-virus that’s free too.

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Start with Firefox, with the Adblock Plus and Noscripts addons.
Open Office as a substitute for MS Office.
If you’re into graphics or photo editing in any way, The Gimp instead of Photoshop.

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CCleaner is a must have for PCs.

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It’ll take care of unzipping and zipping up files and rar files and all those types.

AVG free antivirus
Its caught anything going through my system

I very good free firewall. Can be annoying sometimes since its so strict though.

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Skip AVG. You want antivirus software that works, isn’t bloated, and isn’t slow. Personally, I go with Avira, but Avast! is also decent enough.
@LeotCol The one virus I got was with AVG loaded. It is less than 95% effective compared to my 99.4%, and AVG is 3–5 times slower than the 2nd slowest AV program I’ve seen. Maybe five years ago before it sucked…

Firefox is a no-brainer

OpenOffice is great for those who need to deal with Office stuff but don’t want to pay $$$$

Foxit Reader beats Acrobat Reader hands down

CutePDF is good for making your own PDFs from any program that supports printing.
I agree with the GIMP if you are serious about graphics, but if you just want to view pics and maybe do some resizing, cropping, and a little color adjusting then XnView is far better. A little less overkill ;)

Spybot and CCleaner are also on my list

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Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office. Free and EASY!

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